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What are the five Global Professional and Ethical Standards 2015?

1. Always provide a High Standard of Service = have a professional responsibility to provide client with the best possible advice
2. Act in a way that promotes Trust in the profession = act in a way that positively promotes you individually and the profession
3. Act with Integrity = be honest and straightforward in all you do
4. Treat others with Respect = treat everyone with courtesy and respect cultural differences
5. Take Responsibility = be accountable for your actions


What are the 5 principles of better RICS regulation?

Following the Carsberg Report. Purpose: members/firms can use 5 principles to decide how best to meet requirements of Rules of Conduct.
1. PROPORTIONALITY – making the penalty proportional to the breach
2. ACCOUNTABILITY – to all members and the public
3. CONSISTENCY – treating all members the sam, level playing field
4. TARGETING – targeted to be relevant and useful, but not prescriptive
5. TRANSPARENCY – to all members, clients and the public


Which elements comprise Part 1 General (for Firms)

Interpretation - Providing a surveying service to the public and contact officer (the main liaison point between the Firm and RICS)
Communication - various mediums


Name elements of Part 2 - Rules of Conduct? (Personal & Professional For members) ECS CPD SIC

9 Rules for Members:
1. Interpretation of ‘Member’
2. Communication – i.e. post, e-mail etc
3. Ethical Behaviour – act at all times with integrity and avoid conflicts of interest
4. Competence – carry out professional work with due skill, care and diligence and with regard for technical standards (i.e. not following MANDATORY STANDARDS is a disciplinary offence)
5. Service - carry out professional work in a timely manner, with proper regard for standards of service/customer care
6. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – comply with RICS requirements in respect of CPD
7. Solvency – ensure that personal and professional finances are managed appropriately
8. Information to the RICS – submit in a timely manner such information as required
9. Co-operation - fully co-operate with RICS staff and any person appointed by Regulatory Board


Explain your company's complaints handling process?

Carefully record all complaints or potential complaints
at the earliest opportunity and ensure that they are
appropriately allocated. Establish and adhere to a review process to ensure effective management of the issue from receipt to resolution.


What is the purpose of the RICS professional statement - Countering bribery, corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing?

It outlines the mandatory requirements and the supporting good practice for anti-bribery and corruption and for anti-money laundering and terrorist financing. Specifically, the responsibilities as a firm and a member.


What is the purpose of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008?

To protect consumers from unfair or misleading trading practices and ban misleading omissions and aggressive sales tactics.


What is the role of the RICS Surveying Safely 2018?

An overview of best practice for surveyors, including corporate and personal responsibilities relating to health & safety. I understand that each individual assumes individual behavioural responsibility for their own, their colleagues’ and others’ health and safety while at work.


What is the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974?

It places a duty on employers to ensure that health, safety and wellbeing of employees and other affected persons is not at risk, so far as is reasonably practicable.


What is the CSCS?

The Construction Skills Certification scheme. It outlines that individuals working on construction sites have the appropriate training and qualifications for the job they do on site.


How does the RICS discipline members?

- When an allegation is received, the RICS Head of Regulation will make a formal investigation.
- Inform the person the allegation is made against in writing, who can write a response within 28 days
FOUR Actions upon completion;
- Serve a fixed penalty notice.
- Make a Regulatory Compliance Order
- CPD Sactions
- Refer the matter to the Disciplinary panel for consideration (50% of the panel = lay members)


What is a Regulatory Compliance order?

An order used for low level breaches of the Rules, such as minor breaches. The compliance order is a written document which states the terms that the member of firm must take in a specified time period.


Does the RICS publish any guidance on the Disciplinary Measures?

Yes, there is a large section on the RICS website


What RICS initiatives do you know of?

• PRME – Whereby the RICS is part of the UN backed Principles for Responsible Management Eduction.
• New Arbitration Service Launched.
• Lionheart / Futures Programme / RICS Future Insights / APC Matrics


Can you tell me more about the New Arbitration Service?

• Brought in due to a decline in the use of Arbitration due its slowness.
• Arbitrators are supervised to ensure they use the powers given to them under the Arbitration Act 1996 to robustly manage costs.
• Will be faster and cheaper than courts.
• Will be better than adjudication, as it will be more detailed when looking at an issue, resulting in judgements that are commercially sensible.


What issues do you know about that the RICS are looking into?

• The rising prices of housing in relation to the lack of supply and over demand. Further to this, house building is driving the current construction industry boom.
Grenfell tower


Who is the president of the RICS?

Timothy Neal FRICS


What current themes does Timothy Neals promote?

The need for sustainable transformation in the built environment. All this must be underpinned by respected international standards, trusted data and leading professional development.


What is the Royal Charter?

Awarded in 1881, initially granted by Privy Council, to maintain and promote the usefulness of the profession for the public advantage.


How many Countries and how many Members does the RICS operate in and have?

• RICS operates in 150 countries.

• RICS has 130,000 members


Where is the RICS Head Quarters?

Great George Street, Parliament Square, London


What would you say the RICS is?

One of the most highly respected, high profile international institutions that offers advise on property, construction, Land, project management, dispute resolution and environmental issues to the client and the public and private sectors.


What are the 3 main roles of the RICS?

1. To maintain the highest standards of education and training
2. To protect consumers and businesses through strict regulation of the profession
3. To be the leading source of information and independent advice on land, property, construction and associated environmental issues.


How many professional groups are there?



Can you name some of the professional groups?

• Quantity Surveying and Construction.
• Project Management.
• Building Surveying.
• Planning and Development
• Commercial Property
• Dispute Resolution.


What are the duties of these professional groups?

• To provide best practice guidance.
• To set standards for professional competence.
• To provide training, CPD and network opportunities.
• Promote and Represent.
• To undertake research to improve the profession.


What are the three market sectors covered by the RICS?

• Land.
• Property.
• Construction.


What is the Governing Structure for the RICS?

GOVERNING COUNCIL (sets top-level strategy, chaired by RICS President Tim Neal) 33 members / meet three times a year
Underpinned by boards and committees, including regional boards and specialist boards. Management Board, Regulatory Board and Audit Committee report to Governing Council


can you describe the RICS governing structure to me?

Privy Council – grants and awards Royal Charter
Governing Council - 33 members
Below this is the Regulatory Board, Management Board and various committees.
Below the Management board there are 3 sub-boards, being: Finance Committee, Remuneration Committee and World Regional Boards and Market Advisory Panels.


What is the RICS Matrics?

• A division of the RICS dedicated to student surveyor training.
• Produces a network of Charity and Networking events.
• Promotes seminars and lectures.