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Project Scope

The work needed to create the product of the project


Change Requests

Change requests come in several modalities:

Oral or written
Direct or indirect
Internal or external
Legally mandated or optional

For the possible purpose of:

External events
Errors or omissions
Risk response



The process of breaking down the major project deliverables into smaller, manageable components.


Function Analysis

Related to value engineering, this allows team input to the problem, institutes a search for a logical solution, and tests the functions of the product so the results can be graphed.


Product Breakdown

This method breaks down the product into components, examining each component individually and how it may work with other parts of the product.


Product Scope

Features and functions of the product of the project


Project Boundaries

The scope statement defines the boundaries of the project by defining what's included in the project scope--and what's excluded.


Quality Function

This deployment is a philosophy and a practice to fully understand customer needs--both spoken and implied--without gold-plating the project deliverables.


Scope Management Plan

An output of scope planning that controls how the project scope can be changed. The scope management plan also defines the likelihood of the scope to change, how often the scope may change, and how much it may change.


Scope Verification

The process of the project customer accepting the project deliverables. Scope verification happens at the end of each project phase--or as major deliverables are created.


Systems Engineering

This process focuses on satisfying the customers' needs, cost requirements, and quality demands through the design and creation of the product.


Value Analysis

Similar to value engineering, this focuses on the cost/quality ratio of the product. Value analysis focuses on the expected quality against the acceptable cost--also known as the cost of quality.


Value Engineering

Deals with reducing costs and increasing profits, all while improving quality. Its focus is on solving problems, realizing opportunities, and maintaining quality improvement.


Work Breakdown Structure

A deliverables-orientated collection of project components.


Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary

A reference tool to explain the WBS components, the nature of the work package, the assigned resources, and the time and billing estimates for each element.


Work Breakdown Structure Templates

The WBS template may have common activities included in the form, a common lexicon for the project in the organization, and a standard approach to the level of detail required for the project type.