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Management Skills: Definitions and Features

Def: Management Skills refer to the abilities or competence that managers achieve business objectives.

Decision making

The leader must communicate his plans then delegate tasks based upon his decisions with interpersonal experience.


Communicating: Definitions, Advantages, Disadvantages and Features

Def: Communicating is the ability to transfer information from the sender to the receiver and listen to feedback

Ad: helps maintains relationships
Dis: Can lead to conflict if there are disagreeing views..

Feat: sender to the receiver. then the sender gets feedback. it can take many forms both verbal and non-verbal


Delegating: Definitions, Advantages, Disadvantages

Def: Delegating refers to the ability to transfer authority and responsibility from a manager to an employee to carry out specific activities

Ad: manages time effectively, staff can learn new skills, improves employee motivation

Dis: Mis use of power


Planning: Definitions and Features

Def: Planning is the ability to define business objectives and decide on methods or strategy to achieve them.

Strategic (Long term)- 2-5 years
Tactical (Medium)- 1-2 years
Operational (Short)- day to day

SWOT= Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Treats

5 step Planning process
1. define the objective
2 analyse the environment= SWOT
3. develop alternative strategies
4. Implement an alternative
5. monitor and seek feedback


Leading: Definitions, Advantages, Disadvantages

Def: Leading is the ability to influence and motivate people to work towards the achievement of the business.

Ad: High moral of staff, higher productivity and achievement of objectives.

Dis: Managers may be to busy leading that they have no time to contribute to productive activities.


Decision Making: Definitions, Advantages, Disadvantages and Features

Def: Decision Making is the ability to identify the options available and choose a specific course of actions from the alternatives

Ad: make decisions quickly
Dis: not good for decisions made in groups which may be slow

Feat: good in case of emergency

1. Develop Objectives and Criteria
2. outline the facts
3. identify the alternative solutions
4. analyse the alternatives
5. Choose one alternative and implement it


Interpersonal: Definitions, Advantages, Disadvantages

Def: Interpersonal is the ability to deal or liase with people and build good relationships with employees

Ad: can inspire staff, overcomes conflicts

Dis: some may use it to manipulate


Corporate Culture: Definitions and Features

Def: Corporate Culture refers to the values, beliefs, ideas and expectations shared by members of a business


Official: The Policies, Slogans and objective of a business
Real: The unwritten and informal rules that guide how the businesses employees behave

1. Values and Practices
2. Symbols
3. Rituals, rites and celebrations
4. Heros