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The essence of affirmative action is to ________.

prevent discrimination and enhance the status of members from protected groups


________ are groups of nominated or elected employees who must be consulted when management makes decisions involving personnel.

Work councils


Wants to let potential candidates know about the minimum qualifications that they should possess in order to successfully perform the jobs they have applied for. What should he do?

He should create a job specification.


Gareth is in charge of recruiting at Eowin Systems, and is expected to enhance the diversity of the workforce. He should avoid ____ if he is to achieve the stated aim of a more diverse workforce?

employee referrals


In her next meeting with the senior management, Jane suggests that they should ignore the openings created by voluntary resignations and not hire any more people now. This would avoid much of the pain associated with workforce reduction in future. This implies that Jane favors ________.



All candidates for entry level engineering positions are given the mechanical aptitude test. Those who scored well and were hired later earned high scores on their performance evaluations. Those who scored less well and were hired earned lower scores on performance evaluations. This indicates that the test is ________.



Larry is in charge of recruitment for entry-level positions at Merlin Infosystems. He believes that job interviews should include a realistic job preview. Which of the following is Larry likely to do during job interviews?

tell the employee about possible mandatory overtime


Each day Ted's smartphone receives a training video about another aspect of his job. Ted can access these at his leisure and is required to take a quiz to confirm he has watched them. This system of delivering training content is called ________.

mobile learning


Wayne hosts his first regional sales meeting. During which he meets individually with his employees and shows them a chart of their sales numbers for each month compared to their budgeted quota for the year to date. Additionally, Wayne and each employee set mutually agreed-upon budget goals for the remaining six months of the fiscal year. Wade is utilizing the ________ method of performance appraisal.



Because Tom is the only male worker in a group of women, other male employees have made jokes about his gender identity. The jokes have affected Tom's motivation to work and he is absent more often. This situation may constitute ________.

hostile environment sexual harassment


high-performance work practices?

It encourages extensive employee involvement and greater employee control on decision making.
-increasing employee access to info.

ex. self-managed teams


The first three activities of the human resource management process involves ________.

identifying and selecting competent employees


The final three activities of the human resource management process ensure ________.

that the organization retains competent and high-performing employees

-performance management


Labor unions use ________ to protect the rights of their members.

collective bargaining


The essence of affirmative action is to ________.

prevent discrimination and enhance the status of members from protected groups


An assessment that defines jobs and the behaviors necessary to perform them is known as a ________.

job analysis


A written statement that explains the job content, environment, and conditions of employment is called a ________.

job description


A ________ states the minimum qualifications that a person must possess to successfully perform a given job.

job specification


Recruitment is the process of ________.

locating, identifying, and attracting capable applicants


A disadvantage of using professional recruiting organizations is ________.

their limited commitment to specific companies


In which of the following decruitment methods does an organization refrain from filling up the openings created by voluntary resignations or normal retirements of its employees?



________ involves predicting which applicants will be successful if hired.



A ________ selection device is characterized by a proven relationship between the selection device and some relevant job selection criterion.



A ________ selection device indicates that the device measures the same thing consistently.



Which of the following is true of written tests as a selection tool?

They are relatively good predictors for supervisory positions.


A ________ includes both positive and negative aspects about the job and the company.

realistic job preview


________ is the process of introducing a new employee to his job and the organization.



Which of the following is a type of specific training provided by organizations?

team building skills


In which of the following traditional training methods are employees made to work at different jobs in a particular area in order to get exposure to a variety of tasks?

training by job rotation


Which of the following training methods involves employees participating in role playing, simulations, or other face-to-face types of training?

experiential exercises