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What is the duty of care?

A duty of care may owed to another, to ensure that they do not suffer any unreasonable harm or loss


What is the legal test for duty of care?

1. MUST be harm CAUSED

2. Harm MUST have been FORESEEABLE

3. MUST be sufficient PROXIMATE relationship between the parties

4. MUST be JUST AND REASONABLE to impose such duty


State the basic biomedical principles?

1. Non maleficence- if its benefiting patient (avoiding harm)

2. Beneficence (patient first concern)

3. Autonomy (individuals consent on body)

4. Justice (treat everyone the same)


What is non maleficence?

Avoid harm

Justification for acts and omissions

Witholding and withdrawing treatment which isn't benefiting patient


What is beneficence?

Promote the well being of others

Encompasses medical paternalism (You know what you're talking about)

Acting without consent or overriding a person's wishes, wants or actions.

In order to benefit the patient or preventing harm


What is autonomy?

Self determination

Individual's action ought to be the result of his or her own choice

Freedom to act independently

Competent adult's informed decision to refuse (even life saving) treating supersedes offer of treatment


What is justice?

Treat cases in similar ways

Same respect to patients in different circumstances

Distribute health care resources (goods and service) fairly


What are the seven GPHC standards or principles (IMPORTANT)

Make patients your first concern

Use your professional judgement in the interests of patients and the public

Show respect for others

Encourage patients and the public to participate in decisions about their care

Develop your professional knowledge and competence

Be honest and trustworthy

Take responsibility for your working practices