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Per TS 3.5.2 for ECCS what equipment is required to meet 1 full train and what is the applicability? What actions are required if < 100% of ECCS required equipment on both trains unavailable?

TS 3.5.2 requires 1 HPI train, 1 LPI train and BOTH CFTs in modes 1, 2 and 3 > 350 degrees F.

LCO 3.0.3 entry is required if < 100% of the required ECCS equipment on both trains.


List the following for the MU tank.

- Lo/Hi pressure alarms

- Lo/Hi level alarms

- Relief Setpoint

- Response @ 18"

- Lo/Hi pressure alarms: 10#/90#

- Lo/Hi Level alarms: 55"/86"

- Relief at 100#

- At 18", CV-1248 aligns to L/D, MU tank vent opens to allow time to align to BWST and close MU tank outlet to prevent gas binding MUPs.


What would the plant response be if L/D DI was placed in service at beginning of core life without being equalized?

The DI would strip boron from L/D flow, creating a dilution effect to the MU tank and ultimately the RCS which would cause rods to insert and compensate for the added positive reactivity.


What plant response would occur as a result of a failed PZR temperature indication?

PZR temperature is hardwired to the associated PZR level instrument. If the temperature failed low, indicated PZR level would also indicate low. Since PZR makeup valve is trying to maintain 220", it would continually makeup at a higher flow rate resulting in PZR level and pressure continuing to rise until.


What are the L/D & MU flow limitations?

L/D coolers: 87.5 gpm each

L/D DIs: 123 gpm each

MU Filters (F-3s): 80 gpm each

SI Filter (F-2): 60 gpm


What occurs if ES signal occurs for HPI pump and aux Lube oil pump? What happens if HPI pump fails to start?


Aux lube oil pup would start on ES signal and will shut off 20 seconds later.  5 seconds after ES signal HPI pump gets start signal.

If pump fails to start, P-36B will start 7 seconds after ES signal if associated MOD closed and HPI pump on that side not running.



What is the recirc flow for HPI pump? What are the max flow limits?

Min recirc flow is 55 gpm. Must maintain > 90 gpm when recirc valve closed due to instrument inaccuracies.

Max normal flow: 500 gpm

Max emergency flow: 525 gpm

HPI hi flow alarm: 450 gpm

Individual HPI hi flow alarm: 140 gpm


What panels are CV-1220 and CV-1285 on and what trains are they associated with?

CV-1220 is on C-18 and actuated by ES-1 (red train)

CV-1285 is on C-16 and actuated by ES-2 (Green train)


Where are the flex connections on the HPI system?

- Downstream of HPI pumps (Primary)

- Upstream of CV-1220 (Alternate)