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MENO (Plato)

-Socrates is in discussion with Meno about virtue
-He wants to know what virtue is, and if it can be taught
-Socrates uses a boy to explain Recollection to Plato
-The boy had true opinions which have only to be awakened by questioning to become knowledge, his soul must have had this cognizance throughout all time?



-Socrates & Plato in conversation about some words from Socrates
-Love is the awareness of immorality
-gives us insight into the social life of Athenian intellectual circles
-varying perspective on love
-socrates was a lover of beauty and wisdom, but was not beautiful in himself
-not determined if love was being spoken of as in the normal sense of the human word, or a more passionate desire (between two human beings)



-Science that investigates being as being and the attributes which belong to this in virtue of its own nature
-Several senses in which a thing may be said to be
-a thing is capable of being and not to be
(vice versa)


POLITICS (Aristotle)

-everything is defined according to its effects and inherent powers
-Master-slave relationships



-Deduction & Demonstration
-from perception there comes memory
-how principles become familiar, what is the state that becomes familiar with them
-from experience comes a principles of skill & understanding



-Augustine in conversation with God
-Who is God? Who do I love when I love Him?
-how do I seek thee Lord?
-where in my memory does God reside?
-things of this world to be sorrowed for vs. the light of the Lord
-no fragrance compares to his love for God
-Seeking God from earth until heaven