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Who wrote 'London?'

William Blake


What form is the poem in?

Dramatic monologue


Why did Blake choose to have an ABAB rhyme scheme?

Being unbroken, it represents the relentless misery of the city.


What could the repetition of 'every' in the second stanza suggest?

Emphasises the bleak feelings.


What did Blake not like about London?

Its decline after the Industrial revolution


What could the oxymoron 'marriage hearse' suggest?

Links the happiness of marriage with the bleakness of death- suggests that everything has been destroyed


What themes are present in London?

Power of Humans, Loss and absence and Anger


What poems could you compare with London?

Ozymandias (Power of Humans)
My Last Duchess (Power of Humans)
Exposure (Loss and Absence)
Storm on the Island (Power of Humans)
Poppies (Loss and absence and Anger)
War Photographer (Anger)
The Emigree (Loss and Absence)
Kamikaze (Loss and Absence)
Checking Out Me history (Power of Humans and Anger)