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What are the advantages of an aquatic environment?

Requires less energy to move through the water
Gravity is less in water


What is the disadvantage of an aquatic environment

Skin (friction) and form (drag) slows down


What is the advantage of an terrestrial environment?

Adapted to locomotion (bipedalism


What is the disadvantage of a terrestrial environment?

Terrestrial animals require a strong skeleton and powerful muscle for locomotion


What are the advantages of flying species?

Very light in weight bodies to minimise the effects of gravity
Wings which have a large surface area


What are the disadvantages of flying species

How they overcome the effect of gravity by flying


Describe muscle as engines

Device that can harness energy from some substance (food) and convert it into a usable form


What factors affect the energy cost of locomotion

• Swimming is the most energy
efficient per kg (no gravity)
• Flying better than running, but
only small animals can fly and
energy consumption per minute
is extremely high
The larger the animal, the
less energy it expends (per
kg body mass) to move the
same absolute distance
(but the more energy in
total it must consume*)