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What does the green arrow in the FMA (autopilot) indicate?

Indicates who controls the data source for the AFCS
(What side it's coupled to)


What is the function of the AT button on the ground?

On the ground the AT button arms the auto throttle system


How can the auto throttle disconnect warningbe cancelled ?

Only by pushing one of the AT DISC buttons in the thrust levers


How can the autopilot disconnect warnjngbe cancelled?

Only by pushing the yoke AP/TRIM DISC button


What does the auto throttle mode "TO" shown in white in the bottom row mean?

Takeoff mode is armed


As thrust levers are advanced for takeoff, you note that the FMA changes from white TO shown in lower row, to TO in green top row. Also AT in green now appears. Why?

1. TO autothrottle mode is active now
2. AT is displayed in the "engagement status" column meaning autothrottle system is engaged


What does TO represent in the vertical mode column?

TO is the active vertical mode
Flight director gives pitch guidance to maintain V2 to V2+10 after liftoff
A) TO w/2 engines: V2+10
B) TO w/1 eng: FD decides V2-V2+10 depending on speed when failure occurred


On takeoff accelerating through 60kts, you see the FMA change from TO to HOLD

What does HOLD mean?

HOLD is an active autothrottle mode

AT Servos are de-energized until 400'


On takeoff accelerating through 100kts you see the FMA change from ROLL to TRACK. Why?

TRACK is an active lateral mode. FD gives bank commands to maintain ground track airplane was on at the moment of engagement


What does FLCH in green indicate?

Flight level change is an active vertical mode
FD commands a pitch to maintain selected speed to selected altitude


What does FLCH and LNAV in magenta indicate?

VNAV is now active
FMS altitude constraints will be honored in addition to altitude selector


What does SPDe indicate?

Speed on elevator is the active AT mode


How do the ATs behave in SPDe mode?

ATs maintain a fixed thrust setting
A) climb limit position for longer climbs
B) approx idle position for longer descents


What does SPDt in green indicate?

Speed on thrust is the active AT mode


How do the ATs behave in SPDt mode?

ATs vary the thrust to attempt to maintain selected speed


What does PTH in magenta indicate?

VNAV PTH is the active vertical mode
FD commands a pitch to intercept & follow an FMS generated vertical path
(Path is based on FMS descent angle to meet FMS waypoint altitude constraints)


Can PTH be active while in HDG mode?

No. Only LNAV


Is VNAV PTH a climb function or a descent function or both?

Only a descent function


What does GA represent in the Vertical mode column?

Go around is the active vertical mode
Pitch is commanded to 8 degrees until reaching target airspeed
(Both engines: pitches to maintain Vref +20)
(One eng: pitches to maintain Vac approach climb)


On the HGS: What does the symbol mean two boxes and a line across the top?

AOA limit
Appears when AOA is approaching stick shaker
Referenced to the flight path symbol


What does the greed dot on the PFD or HGS indicate?

With slats/flaps retracted, indicates drift down speed

With slats/flaps extended indicates ideal flap extension speed


You see an amber course needle in your PFD after selecting the FMS button. What happened?

You have selected a cross side navigation source


Is reversion to ADS3 automatic or manual?

Reversion to ADS 3 is automatic


If a rejected takeoff occurs prior to 60kts will the auto brakes apply brake pressure?

No it arms at 60kts


What position must the thrust levers be in to arm RTO on the ground?

Idle or below


What is the function of the GND PROX TERR INHIB pushbutton?

Inhibits EGPWS
Avoids unwanted terrain alerts at airports not covered by EGPWS database.


When does automatic declutter occur on the EICAS?

30 sec after being in a clean configuration: landing gear/ flap/slat retraction under normal conditions


What happens when the momentary G/S INHIB button is selected?

Will it reset?

Glideslope alerts are manually cancelled

It will reset climbing above 2000' RA or below 30' RA


What does the LG WRN INHIB button allow you to do?

Inhibit landing gear warnings when you have a dual RA failure


What conditions have to be met to drain the potable water?

Aircraft must be airborne
Gear up
Drain masts heated