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How do you conduct a single subject research with ongoing visual analysis ?

Step 1: Get some baseline data.
Rule #1: Do not introduce the treatment if behavior is improving.
Rule #2: If behavior is getting worse, then you should introduce the treatment.
Rule #3: Attempt to minimize “bounce” (i.e., between-session variability) before introducing the treatment.

Step 2: Get some treatment data.
Rule #1: Better to have too much treatment data than to not have enough.
Learning takes time, so be patient before
giving up on the treatment.
If the treatment works, you will need to convince a skeptical audience that it has lasting effects on behavior.
Step 3: Look for convincing evidence of a treatment effect.


How do we discriminate between stable and trending data?

if the data is trending away, or toward. or there is bounce.


what is bounce?

When the trending data is unstable (fins the cause of bounce)


Conduct the 4 steps of the visual analysis and come to a decision of efficacy of a treatment of behavior?

S- Stable
V- Validity