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What are the differences between large group and single subject designs?

Large group- 40-200 people Observe them as a whole with a treatment group and a control(placebo) group
Single subject: Everyone gets treatment (size of the group doesnt matter)


Why do behavior analysts prefer single subject designs over large group designs?

They're focused on individual behavior
2. you need to find a large group of people
3. People don't want to be in a control group


Know the names and defining features of the 3 single subject research designs that are discussed in the book

1. Comparison (A-B)
2. Reversal (A-B-A)
3. Multiple baseline


When should yo use multiple baseline Designs?

Some treatments produce irreversible effects (these are really the best treatments).
Sometimes it is unethical or impractical to remove the treatment.


What is internal validity? Which single subject designs have it

if we can say that the intervention caused the behavior change, then the experiment has internal validity.

Reversal and Multiple baseline have internal validity