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What is the second tactic of using Behavioral Strategy?

Direct Observation to gather information on the behavior.


When would a behavior analyst use a outcome or event recording?

Outcome: Behavior produces a unique result
Event: Behavior does not produce a unique result (Usually Uniform)


How can you be sure that observers are using outcome recording?

If hey observe after the response.


True or False?
Observers can use outcome recording to observe a variety of behaviors?



What would you use to observe a complex behavior?

Outcome recording


Looking for a result of a behavior is known as?

Outcome recording


When is a behavior uniform?

When each instance of the behavior takes about the same length of time as every other instant. (ex. stuttering)


What will happen if you count nonuniform behaviors in an event recording design?

You will produce meaningless data.


What is the problem with nonuniform behavior?

Each response can take very different amounts of time,


How do behavior analyst use/ observe nonuniform time ?

By dividing time into short intervals


Interval Recording:

Record a response if the behavior occurs in one of a series of continuous intervals (Continuous being, that each additional interval starts right after the end of the prior interval) Observers looks continuously NONUNIFORM


What are the three aspects of using interval recording?

1) Use interval recording to observe nonuniform behavioral episodes
2)Divide the overall observational period into continuous intervals that follow after another (Remember; recording a response does not indicate whether the response covered the entire interval or only a moment of it)
3)The overall record indicates the amour of time the behavior occurred.


What classifies a interval recording?

intervals that are continuous.


Time Sample

record of a response if one behavior occurs within one of a series of discontinuous intervals. (Ex. toms peculiar habit of reading while watching TV)


How do you tell the difference between Time Sample and Interval Recording?

Interval Recording: Continuous
Time Sample: Discontinuous


What are two variations of time sample?

1) Observing multiple people one after the other. (Ex. Teacher watching jonny for 20 secs to see if he's studying then tim for 20 secs the back to jonny causing a break in the continuous cycle)
2) Randomly observing one behavior during randomly selected observation periods.