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State some advantages and disadvantages of Online Communities

Advantages: Able to share ideas
Environment to support freedom of
Disadvantages: Danger of social isolation
Risk of trolling


What is the definition of 'carbon footprint'

Carbon Footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide you are responsible for emitting


What is the 'scalability' of an online system?

The scalability of a system is how easily it can cope with increased demand for capabilities


What's a potential cost and profit that a business can make from making their store online?

Cost - Staff will have to be trained to learn basic computing skills, Running costs of updating hardware and paying for web services
Profit - Less need for expensive high street rents, sales able to be made 24/7


'Possession of equipment used to dishonestly obtain communication services'
What law makes this illegal?

Communications Act 2003


Describe a method in which the Regulation of Investigatory Powers is implemented

Surveillance Techniques
Covert Agents
Forced decryption


Lucy gives her friend a copy of her new proprietary operating system. Her friend didn't pay for the operating system. What law are both Lucy and her friend breaking?

Copyright, Design and Patents Act


What methods could be used to ensure your social media account is safe and private from unwanted viewers?

Setting up your account as private
Adding only your friends
Only post certain things that are thought over
Be Aware of screenshotting abilities