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Can I receive part fills verbally on C1s?

BC explicitly states that pharmacists can receive part fills on C1 drugs verbally.

You could accept part-fills with an interval verbally for C1s that are not on a TPP. However, you are not obligated


What if a non-triplicate drug is written on a triplicate prescription?
What if a Type 2 drug is written on a triplicate prescription?

TPP suggests treating the TPP as you would for any other TPP Type 1 Drug. Once the TPP is logged on your system, you default to the federal regulations. I.e. You could transfer a BZD that has part-fills once to another pharmacy.


What if a Type 1 drug is not written on a triplicate?

Cannot fill this prescription. Request a triplicate to be faxed in.
 In certain circumstances, if we can validate the authenticity and appropriateness, we may fill a verbal or “regular” prescription for a Type 1 drug BUT we will still request a TPP form from the prescriber as soon as it is reasonable for the prescriber to fax in.
Use your judgment


Are electronic signatures ever valid as the only signature on a prescription?

No. Never, at the moment. However, you may accept prescriptions faxed directly to your pharmacy from a physician's EMR. In the absence of a handwritten signature, the physician's password access to their EMR may be considered the prescriber's direct authorization


In BC, prescription written by a pharm from Alberta

out of province pharmacists are not recognized prescribers in BC
- must be written by a practitioner


You receive a prescription for 3 months of birth control pills for one of your patients from their Dentist, can you fill this prescription?

No. Just because they can does not mean they should. This prescription requires a dialogue with the Dentist and patient. Is this within the scope of a Dentist? Is there a need for this therapy to manage a condition that is typically managed by a dentist? Why did this patient seek a prescription from the Dentist for this medication? Be professional and ask questions as