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Disadvantages of Total Patient Care

-number of RNs required is very costly

-some tasks could be accomplished by a caregiver with less training and at a lower cost

-nursing shortage will affect RN availability


Functional Nursing

-staff members are assigned to complete certain tasks for a group of patients rather than care for specific patients

-RN nurse manager assigns responsibility for completion of tasks to a group of health care workers

-RN is responsible for planning care and supervising workers

-RN retains accountability for the patient care provided


Team Nursing

-RN functions as a team leader and coordinates care for a small group of patients

-RN team leader responsible for planning care, assigning duties, directing, supervising, and assisting team members, giving direct care

-RN retains accountability for aall patient care


Primary Nursing

-RN primary nurse assumes 24 hour responsibility for planning, directing, and evaluating the patient's care from admission through discharge

-provides total patient care while on duty

-while off duty, care is provided by an associate nurse who follows the care plan established by the primary nurse