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LEOBOR 3-106 Limitation on Administrative Charges

Agency may not bring administrative charges against LEO unless the agency files the charge within 1 year after the act. Exception- relates to criminal activity or excessive force.


Expungement of record

LEO is exonerated, unsustained or unfounded, acquitted or dismissed or not guilty and 3 years have passed since final disposition


A law enforcement officer has the same rights to engage in ______ ______ as a State employee except when __ ____ or ______ ________.

political activity, on duty or official capacity


LE has the right to counsel, __ days given to obtain



Summary Punishment

for minor violations of rules and regulation. Give when the violation is not in dispute, waive the hearing, accepts the punishment imposed by the highest ranking officer, suspension may not exceed 3 days without pay or $150 fine


Refusal of Summary Punishment

hearing board convenes and has the only authority to recommend the sanctions provided for summary punishment


Emergency Suspension

with or without pay pending the outcome of the investigation