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What is a poison?

Substance in the poisons list under the Poisons Act 1972
If sold as medicines, controlled by medicines act.


Way are part 1 poisons?

Only sold by persons lawfully conducting a retail pharmacy business. Sales must be conducted at a registered pharmacy under the supervision of a pharmacist.


What are part 2 poisons?

Can be sold by same as part 1, and listed sellers. Listed sellers may nominate one or two deputies who may also effect the sale of schedule 1 poisons. The may only sell them in pre packed containers on the listed premises. Some may only be sold in a specified forms, or to people for horticulture, agriculture or forestry.


Strychnine rules

Since 1st September 2006, no longer available for purchase for use for mole control under the Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD).


In the poisons rules 1982 there are 8 schedules. What is schedule 1?

Poisons with special restrictions on storage, conditions of sale and keeping of records of sales. Not apply for articles containing barium carbonate or to alpha-chloralose and zinc phosphide when prepared for destruction of rate and mice.


What is schedule 4?

Poisons exempt from control as poisons - group 1: totally exempt, e.g. Builders materials. Group 2: exempt when in specified articles/substances, e.g. Sulphuric acid in accumulators.


Schedule 5

Poisons that can be sold by listed sellers in certain forms, and to persons for horticulture, agriculture or forestry. Otherwise, only can be sold in pharmacies


Schedule 8

Application form for listed sellers


Schedule 9

For for the list of listed sellers kept by the local authority


Schedule 10: certificate for purchase of a non medical poison

Schedule 11: entry form to be made in poisons book on sale of schedule 1 poisons.


Schedule 12

Restriction of sale and supply or strychnine and other poisons.


What are the 2 requirements of sale of schedule 1 poisons?

Record keeping and knowledge of purchaser


What must the purchaser be?

Either - (a) certified in writing in prescribed manner by the householder - if the householder is not known to the seller to be a responsible person of good character, certificate must be endorsed by a police officer in charge of a police station. Retained by seller.
Or (b) known the seller, it by pharmacist employed by the seller, to be a person to whom the poison may be properly sold.


When don't the requirements as to knowledge of purchaser, entry in poisons book, and signature of purchaser not apply?

(A) exported sales to outside the UK
(B) sale by its manufacturer, or whole sale dealing if (I) article is sold to another business that sells in the way of wholesale dealing. (ii) seller is reasonably satisfied the purchaser requires the article for the purpose of that business.


What information must be in the poisons book upon sale of a schedule 1 poison?

Date of sale, name and quantity of poison, name and address of purchaser, business, trade or occupation of the purchaser, purpose, name and address of householder, if any, by whom a certificate was given and date of certificate.


How long must the poisons book be retained for?

2 years from date of last entry


Should you make entry in the poisons book upon receipt of poisons?



Signed orders are accepted from a person who requires a schedule 1 poison for purpose of his business, trade or profession. What must it state?

Name and address
Business, trade, or proffession


If you use a signed order in place of a signature in the poisons book, what must you put?

Date of signed order
The words "signed order"
Reference number


You can supply a poison in an emergency if promised a signed order, when must it be received by?

Within 72 hours


Describe the storage requirements of a schedule 1 poison

In a retail shop: in a cupboard or drawer only for poisons, or in part of the premises separate from customer access.
In agriculture, horticulture or forestry: not on any part of the premises where food is kept, in a cupboard or drawer only for poisons.


What must be filled out by pharmacists before storing/selling poisons?

COSSH risk assessment form


Schedule 1 poisons with special restrictions are detailed where?

In schedule 12


These can only be sold when?

In whole sale dealing
Exported outside of the UK
For scientific education or research or chemical analysis


Describe the guidelines on fluoroacetic acid, its salts, or fluoroacetamide

Can be sold to a person with a certificate, in form A or B, which has been issues within the preceding 3 months.
The certificate must specific the quantity and places it will be used, which may be: (a) ships/sewers (b) drains in restricted areas wholly enclosed and inaccessible when not in use (c) warehouses identified in restricted dock areas, kept locked and barred n when not in use.


Who can issue forms A and B, and to whom?

Officer of Heath or the port health authority may issue form A to employees of the authority, for (a). (B) and (c)
And B to persons carrying on the business of pest control for (a) and (b).


Describe the guidelines on sales exempted by section 4

Sales may be made without the supervision of the pharmacist, provided the sales are not made by a shop keeper on premises connected with his retail business.
Exempt categories are:
Wholesale dealing; to a doctor, dentist, vet; to us don connection with a hospital infirmary/dispensary approved by an order; a business to (a) a government department or officer of the Crown etc (b) person/institute for scientific education/research (c) person for medical treatment or persons employed by them (d) person who requires in for their trade


It is not lawful to sell by the way of wholesale dealing any part 1 poisons to a person with a business of shopkeeping, unless the seller...

(A) believed the purchaser is conducting a retail pharmacy business
(B) received a statement signed by the purchaser to the effect that they don't intend to sell the poison on any premises used or in connection with their retail business.

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