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Which hydraulic system is used during normal landing gear extension and retraction?



With the aircraft on the ground, what is incorporated within the landing gear control lever to prevent an up selection?

Solenoid Lock


During the Landing Gear retraction sequence, why is Hydraulic pressure from the nose landing gear up line routed to activate the brake control valve?

To stop main wheel rotation


What means is provided to mute the landing gear horn?

Horn mute switch/light on the landing gear control panel


Where are the Landing Gear position and status displayed?

EICAS Primary Page (ED 1)


The Alternate Landing Gear Extension Method should be used in case of a failure in the Landing Gear control system or:

Hydraulic system no 3


Pulling the landing gear manual release handle will permit the main landing gear to extend and lock into position how?

Using gravity and down lock assist actuator force from the No.2 Hydraulic system


What systems power the Inboard and Outboard brakes?

No 2 powers the Outboard, No 3 powers the Inboard


In the event of a failure of No 2 and No 3 Hydraulic power, what emergency braking is available?

Brake accumulators in both Hydraulic Systems provide reserve pressure for six brake applications with anti-skid selected off


Where is brake pressure displayed?

On EICAS Hydraulic synoptic page


When the parking brake is applied with all hydraulic systems off, will the brakes hold for a prolonged period of time?

Yes, but only the inboard brakes


What does the BTMS do?

Monitors the temperature of each brake and the information is displayed on EICAS


With Anti-Skid armed, when does it activate?

Once a 35 knot wheel spin-up signal is present or a WOW signal after a 5 second delay


When using the steering tiller, nose wheel steering is available through how many degrees?



How are the tires protected against an overheated wheel or brake?

Fusible plugs melt and release air from the tires


Why are main wheels stopped before gear retraction on takeoff?

Stops gyroscopic precession


What would happen if a leak occurred in a brake line?

A hydraulic sensor that is a fuse will close to stop the loss of system fluid


The aircraft is at the gate with hydraulic system 3A on and the parking brake applied. What brakes are applied?

The inboard brakes


What is the minimum speed the anti-skid is operational?

10 knots


What is the equivalent temperature change for one unit of BTMS?

One unit equals approx 35c


At what values does the BTMS numbers change color?

0-6 green, 7-14 white, 15 or greater red


Can a nose wheel steering fault be detected in flight?

Yes, it is continuously monitored