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What is the Weald-Artois anticline and how did it form?

- 30m years ago large earth movements caused compacted sediment layers to rise creating a dome and an arch (anticline)


How did the south and north downs escarpments form?

Erosion of the chalk has left alternate strata of more and less resistant rock.
Forming a landscape known as scarp and vale topography


Name a lowland landscape and its location.

The Weald
South England, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey


Define dip slope.

Gentle slope following the angle of the strata, behind an escarpment.


Define scarp slope.

Slope in the land that cuts across the underlying strata


Define strata

A layer of series of rock


Define escarpment.

Steep slope or long cliff that forms due to erosion and separates two areas of differing elevation.