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When (Kielder c/s)

Kielder water in 1982


Need for water management (Kielder c/s)

- Population in the North east was expected to rise ( growing steel and chemical industries)
- Areas of surplus to deficit, to help stop drought
- Need to have sustainable supplies of water, for people and businesses


Advantages (Kielder c/s)

- Major tourist attraction
- Creates jobs/ benefits economy
- More reliable water supply
- Forest park (surrounding Kielder water) employs 200 people
- Water is used to generate hydroelectric power
- Can flush out pollution with clean water


Disadvantages (Kielder c/s)

- 1 and 1/2 trees were cut down to build the reservoir
- The release of the clean water into the River Tyne has encouraged salmon and trout to migrate upriver to breed
- Families had to move/ be rehoused