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Front snap kick

1.Mae geari kiagi. 2. Front snap kick. 3, 4 steps up, out, back, down. 4. First step bring kicking foot up by base leg. 5. Point knee forward at opponent. 6. Kick out (Snap). 7. Hit ball of foot koshi, foot down-toes up. 8. Back to chambered position. 9. Back down.
10.snap for speed accuracy


Roundhouse Kick

1. Mawashi geari kiagi.
2, Turn front foot to side which turns body to side.
3. kicking leg Up, out, back,down. 4.Kicking leg up with foot by back pocket. 5. Knee pointed toward front at opponent. 6. Snap kick goes out with knee-pivot point doesn’t move. 7. Hitting with shin & instep (sune & ashinoku)
8. Toes down-foot down. 9. Back to chambered position ( foot by back pocket). 10. Back down
11. Speed and accuracy.


Side kick

1. Yoko Geari Kekomi. 2. Thrust Kick-pivot point (knee moves). 3. Turn front foot to side:Then up-out-back-down. 4. Up-knee up facing side-with foot up by base leg. 5. Looking over front shoulder toward opponent-Thrust foot out hitting with sokoto. 6. Sokoto knife edge heel-toes up-foot up. 7. Back to chamber-then down
8. Power


Back Kick

1. Ushiro Geari Kekomi. 2. Turn head not body to look over shoulder of kicking leg-I’d turn body becomes side kick. 3. Bring knee up and height of knee determines kick height. 4. Higher knee-lower kick, lower knee-higher kick. 5. Aim at target with straight line-hitting bottom heel. 6. Back chamber and down.


Hook Kick

Kiagi Geri kiagi-hook Kick
1. Turn non-kicking leg to side (turns body to side)
2. Bring kicking leg knee up to side and foot at or above knee.
3. Thrust kicking leg out toward opponent
4. Snap foot back to back pocket hitting either with ball of foot or heel
5. Back down

Defensive or offensive
Front hook Kick -defense son usually done quickly when opponent coming at you
Back leg offensive- have time to attack opponent


Spinning Hook Kick

Back leg is kicking.
1. Turn front foot to 9:00 o’clock
2. Putting back leg in chamber.
3. Thrust leg out like side kick
4. Start hooking Kick to hit koshi Or heel
5. Bringing kicking leg back to back pocket.


High-low combos

1. Low front kick-Roundhouse to head.

2. Low Roundhouse-Roundhouse to head


Mika Zuki Geri Kiagi

Inside crescent kick
1.Chamber knee pointed outside corner 10:30
2. Side big toe facing ceiling
3. Foot movement during kick upside down teardrop
4. Hit bottom foot
5. Then chamber to corner on opposite side
6. Snap kick is from rolling of hip.