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What is the Aesthetic Argument?

An argument for the existence of God, working from the high level of natural beauty in the universe and man's ability to appreciate it.


What is the Anthropic Principle?

Argument for the existence of work, base on the statistical improbability of evolution producing complex life forms such as humans.


What is Anthropomorphism?

The human tendency to see others as analogous to ourselves.


What is an A Posteriori Argument?

An argument made after evidence, based on sense experience.


What is Beneficial Order?

Life forms that help another life form without any benefit to itself.


What does "contrive" mean?

To plan or make, using skill and artifice.


What is a cumulative case?

Multiple arguments put together to form a stronger one.


What is "Design Qua Purpose"?

The argument that the universe appears to have been designed to fulfil a purpose.


What is meant by "Design Qua Regularity"?

The argument that the universe appears to behave according to some order or rule e.g Newtons law of motion


What is the Fine Tuning Argument?

If the values of the basic constants established in physics had been even minutely different, the universe as we know it couldn't have come in to being and we would not have existed.


Describe Intelligent Design:

The scientific hypothesis that the natural order contains a type of complexity that requires an intelligent designer or cause.


What is meant by "irreducible complexity"?

The belief that some biological systems are too complex to have evolved from simpler or less complete predecessors.


What is Ockham's Razor?

Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity.


Define Regularities of Co-Presense

Term used by Swinburne to refer to the order consistently seen in the universe within the same time frame.


Define Regularity of Succession

Term used by Swinburne to refer to the order consistently seen in the universe over time.


What is a symbiotic relationship?

When two organisms of different species work together with mutual benefit from the relationship.