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What type of circulation system responds most sympathetically to the existing natural environment?
A. Grid system
B. Linear system
C. Curvilinear system
D. Radial system

C. Curvilinear system


To move large volumes of traffic at high speed, the most effective type of circulation system is?
A. highways. C. arterials.
B. expressways. D. distributors.

B. expressways.


Land use development patterns are most frequently determined by?
A. topographic factors.
B. climatic factors.
C. utility systems.
D. street systems.

D. street systems.


The primary advantage of 60-degree parking is that it?
A. saves space.
B. is easier to use.
C. is safer to use.
D. costs less to construct.

B. 60-degree parking is not as efficient, safe, or cost-effective as 90-degree parking; however, it is easier for a driver to use than 90-degree parking.


A neighborhood shopping center is best located at?
A. the intersection of an arterial and collector street.
B. the intersection of two local streets.
C. the foot of an expressway ramp.
D. the interchange of an expressway.

A. All of the other choices would create congestion or safety hazards.


From among the following street design criteria, select those that are correct.
I. Curb radii should be 12 feet minimum.
II. Compound curves are preferred over simple curves.
III. Traffic lanes should be about 12 feet wide.
IV. Parking lanes should generally be avoided.
V. Intersections should be at right angles wherever possible.

B. In street design, compound curves (II) should generally be avoided, and parking lanes (IV) should be included, where feasible, because of their convenience.


Power lines are generally located above, rather than below, ground because they are
A. easier to repair.
B. faster to install.
C. less costly.
D. less dangerous.

C. Power lines below ground are better than above-ground lines in almost every way, except cost.


From among the following handicapped
design criteria, select the INCORRECT
A. Wheelchair paths should not exceed a
1:20 grade.
B. Wheelchair ramps should not exceed a
1:12 grade.
C. Wheelchair ramps should not exceed 30
feet in length.
D. Wheelchair turning spaces should not be
less than three feet square.

D. The minimum space required to turn a wheelchair is a circle five feet in diameter.