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Ascend trial

Benefits of aspirin for primary prevention in type 2 diabetics were counterbalanced by bleeding risks.


Arrive trial

Use of aspirin in low to moderate risk patients did not improve outcomes and worsened bleeding events.


Declare Timi 58

Dapagliflozen reduces MACE in patients with T2DM and precious infarction


Fame 2 trial

FFR guided PCI reduced urgent revascularisation 8% ARR

Stopped early and did not detect difference in MI or Death


Coapt trial

Mitral clip reduced
- Hospitalisation (ARR 32%)
- all cause death (ARR 17%)
Over 2 years with improvement in symptoms

Patients were functional MR both ischaemic and non ischaemic EF <50% in origin deemed surgically inappropriate and interventional appropriate for mitraclip by heart team meeting


Plato trial

2% ARR with ticagrelor over clopidogrel for ACS (mortality reduction by 1.5%) with no increased major bleeding BUT increased fatal bleeding (0.2% increase) and fatal ICH (<0.1% increase)


Triton timi trial

In ACS Prasugrel compared to clopidogrel reduced recurrent MI by 2% (without mortality reduction) while also increasing non-CABG major bleeding by about 0.6%


Accoast trial

Pretreatment with prasugrel in ACS prior to defining coronary artery anatomy did not reduce MACE at 30 days with an increase in timi major bleeds by 1.2%.


CURE trial

Dapt with clopidogrel for 12 months after ACS reduces MACE by 2% (driven by MI) with 1% increase in major bleeding


DAPT trial

30 months of Dapt (clopidogrel) compared to 12 months resulted in 2% reduction in MI, 1% reduction in stent thrombosis, 0.5% reduction in all cause mortality (though just not significant, P 0.05) with 1% increase in moderate to major bleeding.

N.B all cause mortality is better in meta analyses on this issue combining ACS and stable CAD


ISAR React

Prasugrel when compared to ticagrelor in ACS had lower rates of MI (1.8%) with similar rates of major bleeding.

Numerically lower rates of stent thrombosis and death.


Cure trial

For medically managed NSTEACs DAPT over aspirin alone resulted in 2% ARR in mortality and MI


Woest Trial

Compared to 12 months of triple therapy, dual therapy with clopidogrel was associated with significantly less bleeding and reduced all cause death and no difference in MACE.


Zeus trial

Zotarolimus stent was better than BMS for MI and stent thrombosis.


Partner trial

In those not eligible for SAVR, TAVR provided 20% ARR for mortality over 1 year


Carp trial

Revascularisation of ischaemic heart disease did NOT result in improved perioperative or long term mortality/MI in patients undergoing AAA repair or lower limb arterial vascular surgery.


Digami trial

Insulin infusion and 3 months of insulin S/C in diabetics with AMI resulted in 7% mortality reduction at 1 year and 10% mortality reduction at 3 years


Madit CRT

CRT in HFREF <31% with QRS >130 showed reduction in heart failure exacerbation by ARR 8% over 2.5 years


Hope trial

Ace inhibition in ACS with ramipril, regardless of BP resulted 3.8% ARR for composite endpoint of cardiovascular death/MI/stroke


Race 2 trial

No difference in strict rate control (80) vs lenient rate control (110) in composite endpoint

Numerical increase in death stroke and heart failure hospitalisation