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COMPLICATION - CATALYST (cries against origin)

-This period of silence allows time for bitterness and rage to build up within Job
-Before he explodes in the curses
-a change has come over him, or has it?



-he wishes he had never been born
-misery of a meaningless life
-He endures an absence of 3 things;
No peace, no rest, and no quiet
-his life was defined by turmoil
-Job's outburst is not mainly due to his physical pain, as he never asked for healing
-It is more emotional - felt abandonment from God
-His theology has been shaken


3 statements to ponder/think about

1. First - there are days that are too dark for the sufferer to see light (don't try to point the light out to them, just come alongside them)
2. Second - Our responsibility is not to give them hope - that is God's job, we just need to be there
3. third - there are valleys to deep for the anguished to find relief (Dont come up with and answer solution)



-Job writes about how he is going to take his own life
-even when he seeks his bed for comfort, God still gives him terrifying visions
-Job asks Him to leave him alone