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What did Japan measure on the Richter scale



Where did Japan happen/ when

Firday 11th march 2:46pm
Japans north east cost 20 miles from Tokyo


Primary effects (Japan)

1. more than 18,000 people died
2. hour after earthquake a tsunami hit coast line reached up to 39m and travelled 6miles
3. The tsunami caused a cooling system failure which resulted in a level 7 nuclear meltdown
4. Damage is about $300 billion


Secondary effects (Japan)

1. 300 tons of radioactive water leaks into the pacific - affecting fish, marine life
2. 6 million home (10%) are without electricity
3. 1 million without water
4. Shipping was disrupted due to closure and destruction of ports
5. Contamination affected rice crops for years
6. Travel was affected- damage to transport links


Responses (Japan)

1. The country recently installed an upgraded tsunami warning system (older one underestimated size of wave)
2. Engineers examined damage, looking for ways to build more resistant buildings
3. Researches sailed off shore and dropped sensors along fault line to measure cause of earthquake


What plate boundary was Japan formed at

Destructive (pacific and eurasian)