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Why are fetal movements important?

Fetal death may identified by a day or more of loss of fetal movements
Occasionally, extreme activity also identification of fetal death


What is the incidence by MBRRACE (2013) of IUD?

15 babies died every day

Over 5,700 babies died before or during birth or within the first four weeks of life


Name four things that mothers may mention that could indicate IUD or other issues

Reduced or absent fetal movements- No change in fundal height between antenatal checks

Vaginal bleeding- A baby small for gestational age

Abdominal pain- rigid, painful abdomen that is impossible palpate

Premature Labour- Unable to auscultate the fetal heart


How would you diagnose IUD?

Diagnosis must be confirmed by ultrasound scan

Qualified and experienced sonographer to confirm absent fetal heart, which needs to be confirmed by a second clinician


provide the 4 different terminology for the death of a neonate

Intrauterine death : Death of fetus at any stage in pregnancy after the first trimester and before the onset of labour.
•Late fetal loss: a baby born between 22+0 and 23+6 weeks gestation, showing no signs of life, irrespective of when the death occurred.
•Stillbirth: A baby born at or after the 24+0 weeks gestational age showing no signs of life, irrespective of when the death occurred
•Neonatal death: a live born baby (born at 20+0 weeks gestation or later, or with a birth weight of 400g or more if accurate estimation of gestation is not available) who died before 28 completed days after birth.
•Perinatal death: Stillbirths and neonatal deaths in the 1st week of life.