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In Medina, Islam developed into a well organized religious-political community called the _____________________.



Followers of the mystical tradition in Islam are called _________________________.



Mohammad received revelations from _________________________.

The angel Gabriel


4. The two groups of followers whose formation can be traced to contestation over Muhammad's proper successor are now called ________________ and __________________.

Sunni and Shi'a/Shi'ite


An Islamic man who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca to fulfill one of the Five Pillars is given the honorary personal name _____________________.



The term used for Muhammad's flight from Mecca to Medina in 622 CE is _____________________.



Writings about the Muhammad's life and informal sayings are in the _____________________.



Chapters in the Qur'an are arranged according to
a. length b. chronology
c. importance d. author

a. length


"Islam" literally means
a. "God"
b. "Holy Struggle"
c. "Submission"
d. "Community"

c. "Submission"


Muhammad received his revelations during the month known as
a. Ramadan
b. Dhul Hijra
c. Umma
d. Medinah

a. Ramadan


Which of the following was not one of Muhammad's early revelations described in our textbook?
a. only one God exists b. women are inferior to men
c. God is present in the natural world
d. generosity

b. women are inferior to men


. The ruler of a Muslim community is known as a
a. imam
b. caliph
c. sunnah
d. haji

b. caliph


Traditional, formal Islamic Law which is enforced in many Muslim nations is called
a. Hadith b. caliph
c. Sunni d. Halal

b. caliph


The majority of the world's Muslims follow the _______________ tradition
a. Twelver
b. Shiite
c. Sufi
d. Sunni

d. Sunni


The full profession of a Muslim's faith is called the
a. shari'a
b. sunnah
c. mhadi
d. shahada

d. shahada


Today most African American Muslims belong to
a. al-Qaeda b. The Muslim Brotherhood
c. American Muslim Mission d. The Nation of Islam

c. American Muslim Brotherhood


When Muhammad's army took Mecca what did immediately remove?
a. All non-Muslims b. idolatrous images
c. temples d. tribal leaders

b. idolatrous images


"Shari'a" refers to
a. traditional Islamic Law
b. the Muslim prayers said five times per day
c. the worship space for Islamic prayer
d. the mark that indicates the direction of Mecca

a. traditional Islamic law


The leader of prayer in a Sunni mosque and a religious-political leader in the Shi'a community is called
a. Hassan b. Ashura
c. Madrasas d. Imam

d. Imam


"Islam" means
a. disciple b. follower
c. submission d. one God

c. submission


Characteristics of Arabian religion before the founding of Islam include
a. image veneration b. pilgrimage
c. a complex notion of heaven d. polytheism

b. pilgrimage
d. polytheism


Muslims include which of these traditions in their designation "people of the book"?
a. Zoroastrians b. Christians
c. Jews d. Sikhs

a. Zoroastrians
b. christians
c. Jews


Soon after Muhammaed's death Abu Bakr took over initial leadership of Islam, which was highly contested, but due to
a. his power as a military leader
b. a document he claimed was signed by Muhammad before his death
c. his being the father of Muhammad's favorite wife
d. the need to stop tribes from leaving the faith

a. his power as a military leader
c. his being the father of Muhammad's favorite wife
d. the need to stop tribes from leaving the faith


Prophets named in the Qur'an include
a. al-Fatihah b. Adam and Eve
c. Jesus d. Hud

b. Adam and Eve
c. Jesus
d. Hud


After he relocated from Mecca to Medina Muhammad's revelations included information on which of the following topics?
a. charity b. fasting
c. pilgrimage d. personal hygiene

a. Charity
b. fasting
c. pilgrimage


Which actions of the Umayyad leaders incited revolt by pious Muslims between 661 and 750 CE?
a. image veneration b. marital infidelity
c. marriage to non-Muslims d. drinking alcohol

a. image veneration
d. drinking alcohol


Which of the following are among the Five Pillars of Islam?
a. salat b. qibalh
c. shahada d. zakat

a. Salat
c. Shahada
d. zakat


Why is Saudi Arabia the most influential Muslim nation in the world?

In addition to its oil wealth, Mecca and Medina are in Saudi Arabia.


What is the meaning of jihad?

Jihad means "struggle"- both personal inner struggle and armed struggle for Islam.


30. What was the basis for the split that occurred within Islam at the death of the Prophet?

There was controversy regarding who should lead the people after the death of Muhammad, some wanted Ali, Muhammads cousin, and others wanted Abu Bakr, his father-in-law.