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First task in evaluating a presumptive stroke pt

stabilize all vital signs


Diagnotic work up for stroke pt?

- EKG with rhythm strip
- Chest x-ray to evaluate heart size
- CBC with differential and platelett count
- Chemistry profile (glucose, BUN, electrolytes)
- Lipid profile
cliotting times
Head CT without contrast


Head CT scans begin to detect infarcts stemming from ischemic stroke in what time frame

6-12 hours...Thus, the head CT is highly sensitive to hemmorhage and thus is indicated in all patients presenting with stroke symptoms to rule out hemorrhagic stroke.


What type of radiological study is very sensitive to early ischemic changes due to stroke....KNOW!!!

MRI Diffusion Weighted Images (MRI DWI) to detect early ischemic change


Acute treatment of stroke: Less than 4.5 hr from syptom onset?

- Treat with IV tPA

- IF less than 6 hours from symptom onset treat with intraARTERIAL tPA.

-If less than 8 hours from symptom onset retrieve clot