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3 MAJOR characteristics of a profession

1.) service/altruism: calling/mission/responsibility to the public
2.) specialized knowledge: skills and education in the field
3.) autonomy: code of ethics


8 characteristics of a profession

1.) services provided are vital to humanity and the welfare of society: "caring"
2.) There is a special body of knowledge that is continually enlarged through research: "evidence-based practice"
3.) The services involve intellectual activities; individual responsibility (accountability) is a strong feature: "legal and ethical responsibilities"
4.) Practitioners are educated in institutions of higher learning: "entry to practice"
5.) Practitioners are relatively independent and control their own policies and activities (autonomy): "state board of nursing", "magnet recognition", "unions".
6.) Practitioners are motivated by service (altruism) and consider their work an important component of their lives
7.) There is a code of ethics to guide the decisions and conduct of practitioners: American Nurses Association (ANA), Code of Ethics for Nurses (back cover of text)
8.) There is an organization (association) that encourages and supports high standards of practice: American Nurse Association (ANA).


3 important documents

1.) Nursing's social policy statement: the essence of the profession
2.) nursing: scope and standards of practice
3.) code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements


Nursing's social policy statement

-A contract with society
-framework delineating nursing's obligation to society and those we serve


The code of ethics for nursing

9 provisions
1-3 : Fundamental values and commitments of the nurse
4-6: Boundaries of duty and loyalty
7-9: Aspects of duties beyond individual patient encounters


barriers to professionalism in nursing

Variability in nursing education
Gender issues
Historical influences
External conflicts
Internal conflicts