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What have you done to prepare / why should we pick you?

1. Three Characteristics
2. Experience
3. Four Priorities
4. Stable and well rounded


1. Three Characteristics

1. Perseverance
2. Humility
3. Disciplined


2. Experience

1. Rangers in particular
2. Military in general
3. Medical and Fire Experience


3. Four Priorities

1. Team Work
2. Training and the Desire for Expertise
3. Fitness
4. Integrity


• Stable and well rounded

o I have the support of my family in pursing SWAT
o Very stable family life and excellent support network
o I have completed a bachelors and am 75% of the way done with a masters degree
o I have been part of Gilbert’s Peer support group and I have been selected again to be a member as they revamp the program


o Perseverance

 a relentless effort to achieve goals, despite difficulties, failures, or opposition. Perseverance is required to perfect just about any skill or achieve any goal
 Example
• Ranger school: Only well qualified soldiers are selected for Ranger school. Even then still has a high failure rate. Encouraged to quit.
• Throughout Ranger school we are encouraged to quite by the Ranger instructors, but the harder they made it the harder my resolve became. It didn’t matter how many people quite, I was determined to finish.


o Disciplined

 Doing what is needed regardless of desire
 I have found that discipline is best developed through intentional developments of habits
 I recognize the immense commitment
 I am willing to make the commitment to make SWAT a top priority;
 I am committed to attending all the training available
 And doing my part in the call-outs


o Humility

 While I think that perseverance is my greatest strength, I believe that humility is one of my most prominent characteristics.
 I see Humility as not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less often.
 This trait enables me to be a team player, seeking the betterment of the whole instead of the advancement of my own part.


o Rangers in particular

 Give a snap shot of my military career
• Ranger school is considered one of the hardest military schools on the planet. It was the hardest 3 months of my life. While it is primarily a leadership school, we are evaluated in an atmosphere meant to be as similar to combat as possible. We faced sleep deprivation, starvation, extreme physical exertion, and profound mental stress.
 Work as a firefighter and a medic is very different than what is experienced in the tactical environment;
 my training in the military to conduct high value target raids and other types of operations has prepared me to perform well has a SWAT medic
 I was held up to the highest standard as a Ranger and I will hold myself to that same standard


o Military in general

 I understand SWAT to be very paramilitary and my exp in the military has prepared me to thrive in this environment
 chain of command not a democracy
 The tactical environment is very dynamic and variable; the military has helped to train for this dynamic (no routine calls as SWAT medic)
 Situational awareness: important for SWAT making entry. For Standbys.
 Hurry up and Wait
 stressful environments
 Training and equipment


o Medical and Fire Experience

 Ranger First Responder 2001
 EMT Intermediate 2003
 Medic since 2007
 Fire Since 2010


o Team work

 A team is only as effective as its individual parts;
 Everything that we do is done in teams
 I will endeavor to be an asset to this team if I am chosen


o Training and the Desire for Expertise

 the more you sweat in training the less you will bleed in combat
 don’t do it until you get it right, do it until you cant get it wrong
 On game day our performance drops to our lowest level of training
 Rangers Big 4
• marksmanship
• physical training
• medical training
• small unit tactics


o Fitness

 This is the foundation that all training and calls are built upon
 At Ak-Chin Fire I completed a personal trainer certification through ACE


o Integrity

 I understand integrity as doing what’s right: legally and morally. Whether anybody is watching or not.
 First Responders have one of the greatest levels of public trust out of all the professions. It is imperative that we maintain that same level of trust.
 I like to follow the headline test. If what I am doing can’t pass the headline news then don’t do it.
 I know that I represent the Town and fire department 24/7.
 If I become a SWAT medic I would be representing PD as well
 You can be assured that I will continue to hold myself to a high level of integrity and professionalism