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Why do you want to apply to SWAT?

1. Support LE in general
2. Support GPD in particular
3. Another opportunity to serve the community
4. SWAT provides an opportunity to belong to small highly trained group


• Support LE in general

1. My uncle, who was more father than my dad was a officer and eventually police chief. Early in life I developed a respect and fondness for PD.
2. LE is under attack in current climate
3. Law and Order foundation of society
4.I want to support in the avenues available to me
5. I would be honored to be able to stand side-by-side with my PD brothers and sisters, at any time, but especially right now;


• Support GPD in particular

1. Worked in Gilbert 7 years and have a terrific relationship with PD
2. We are fortunate for this relationship because not the case in other cities
3. I understand fire and PD also has a very strong working relationship in SWAT and I would like to work to maintain that relationship
4. I also think that the relationship that is built between PD and Fire in SWAT is a way to spread that comradery throughout our two departments


Another opportunity to serve the community

1. I am very service oriented
2. I joined military and fire as a way to serve
3. Gilbert is such a great community and I would like to contribute to making it a safer place to live and work


SWAT provides an opportunity to belong to small highly trained group that is similar to the rangers

o Many of the tasks, environment, expectations, and training are similar to what I have experienced in the Rangers
o The Gilbert SWAT team has an excellent reputation for being highly trained and motivated
o I understand that the Gilbert SWAT team has been setting national standards
o It was an honor to serve in the Rangers, and it would be an honor to serve as a SWAT medic


What is my role

• Supportive: my role will be very different than the military
• The danger to my self is minimal
• The SWAT officers are the ones who are primarily in harms way
• SWAT medics exist for SWAT officers
• Huge responsibility that I take very seriously
• Everyone I run on as a medic I value
• But a wounded officer is more akin to a family member that has been injured than just another citizen
• The best treatment is prevention, so training hard and often is the key