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What are the two categories of international crime

  • Crimes against the international community

  • Transnational crimes


Define international crime

  • International crime is a broad term covering any crime that is punishable by a state, but that has international origin or consequences, or a crime recognised by the international community as punishable
  • International crime must be distinguished from crimes that are merely violations of domestic jurisdiction with some international element


What are examples of crime against the international community

  • Genocide
  • War crimes
  • Crimes against humanity


Define transnational crimes

  • Crime that occurs across international borders, either in origin or effect.
  • Due to globalisation and increased international travel and advances in technology crimes that were in the past committed only locally, now cross-national borders)


What are the main types of transnational crime

  • Human trafficking for the purpose of some kind of slavery
  • International fraud and white-collar crime (e.g. money laundering, tax evasion)
  • Transnational internet crimes e.g. data theft, copyright infringement
  • International terrorism including cyber-terrorism such as disruption of infrastructure via computer networks/electrical systems.
  • Creation and trafficking of child pornography
  • Transnational trade in illegal substances


What are the main causes of transnational crime

  • Differences in socioeconomic conditions between countries
  • Desire for prohibited products where suppliers are in one country and consumers are in another
  • Differences in ideological viewpoints
  • Opportunistic desire for power and/or financial gain


What are the main domestic measures for dealing with international crime

  • Australian Federal Police (AFP)

  • Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department

  • Australian Crime Commission

  • Australian Border Force

  • State and Territory bodies


Which act establishes the AFP

Australian Federal Police Act 1979 (Cth)


Apart from domestic duties what are the other roles of the AFP Internationally

  • International capacity building
  • Monitoring and peacekeeping
  • Training for international law enforcement agencies


What's an example of the AFP engaging in Intl capacity building (hint think WO)

  • AFP's role in East Timor
  • UNAMET: overseeing the referendum 
  • INTERFET: secure ET after referendum
  • UNTAET: prepare ET for self governance


Which act establishes the Australian Crime Commission

The Australian Crime Commission Act 2002 (Cth)


What is the role of the Australian Crime Commission

Investigates matters of national concern and in coordination with other international law enforcement agencies


What is the role of the Australian Border Force

National agency that looks after the security and integrity of Australian borders