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What ensures you have been given 'informed consent'

-Owner has a clear understanding of what the procedure involves and risks associated with both the anaesthesia and surgery
-Owner must have opportunity to ask questions and consider the treatment options and associated fee estimates


FILL The blank:
RCVS guidance states 'informed consent can only be given by a client who has had the opportunity to ___ a ____ of ______ treatment options

'Informed consent can only be given by a client who has had the opportunity to consider a range of reasonable treatment options'


When would RCVS say informed consent may not be given

when a delay would adversely affect the animals welfare


What should be on the consent form?

o Name, address and telephone number of practice
o Name and address of owner
o Contact telephone number(s) – as many as possible up to date and correct
o Pets details – name, breed, age, sex, markings, neuter status, weight
o Any relevant history eg. Drug reactions
o Details of procedure – worded so the owner can understand, estimate of cost may be included
o Owner or authorised person must sign – over 16/18


RCVS practice standards scheme manual states when signed consent forms are required. When are they

all procedures including: diagnostics, medical treatments, surgery, euthanasia
When an animal is admitted into the care of a VS