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What percentage has the economy grown by since 1997?

7% per year


What has growth been focused on?

Services industries rather than manufacturing


How many people graduate from Indian universities each year?

3 million


Name 3 reasons why growth of service industries have succeeded...

English is widely spoken and understood
Low labour costs
Extensive communication network


In 1980s and 1990s, what did some young Indian IT professionals do?

They migrated to the UK or US to work for western companies. When they came back, they understood the IT needs of more developed countries


What did low cost of labour mean for India?

They could provide the same service as their competitors in developed countries but at a lower price


Why did TNCs relocate service areas of their business to India?

Availability of skilled, English speaking workforce means India can offer a range of other office-based services
TNCs save a lot of money


In 2011, what percentage of GDP did the service sector account for?



What are the negative impacts of the growth in India?

Large proportion of growth is from foreign investment by TNCs so profits leave the country
Poverty gap increases