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What is primary lymphoid tissue?

Where stem cells differentiate into either T cells (thymus) or B cells (bone marrow).


What is secondary lymphoid tissue?

Where mature T/B cells go to encounter antigens.


Where is secondary lymphoid tissue in the body?

Lymph nodes
MALT (mucosal-associated lymphoid tissue) and other locations in the body with excess lymphatic accumulations


What three activities take place in the thymus?

1. Differentiation of thymocytes into T cells: early thymocytes express antigen receptors
2. Self/non-self discrimination
3. Elimination of self-reacting thymocytes


What is involved in differentiation of thymocytes?

1. Cell-to-cell contact with cortical epithelial cells and dendritic cells
2. Thymic hormones
3. Cytokines