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Why is coordination and control  difficult?

Because of Variability!

Three Dimensions:

  1. Dynamics
    1. Time dependant
    2. Stationary
  2. Uncertainty
    1. Stochastic
    2. Deterministic
  3. Diversity
    1. Heteorgenous
    2. Homogenous


What are the three dimensions of variability?


What is Operations Management and what are its building blocks?

Definition: Operations Management develops management and engineering approaches for an effective planning of resources and activities in production and service systems as well as networks from the strategic down to the control level.

Building Blocks: 

  1. Production Management
  2. Service Operations Management
  3. Logistics & Supply Chain Management


How can we conduct the process analysis of a single activity?


What is cycle time?

Cycle time = process time per item

Amount of time needed to produce one item (= go through one cycle)


What is throughput?

Throughput = Amount of items produced per hour (items/hour)

Throughput = actual production rate


What is utilization?

Utilization = actual production rate / maximum production rate

Utilization = throughput / capacity


How can we structure a single-stage capacity problem?

  • Input
  • Decisions
  • Objective
  • Constraints


What are bottleneck, process capacity, resource capacity and throughput?


What is the utilization of an activity?

Utilization of activity = actual production rate / maximum production rate


What are the contents and structure of OPM 301 Part 1?