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When using competency modeling, the process of identifying core competencies begins with specifying:



Top-Down and Bottom-Up Processing

Bottom-up refers to the way it is built up from the smallest pieces of sensory information. Top-down processing, on the other hand, refers to perception that is driven by cognition.

Bottom-up processing is a type of information processing BASED ON INCOMING DATA from the environment to form a perception.


Halo Effect

The tendency for an impression created in one area to influence opinion in another area.


Which of the following best describes ethical requirements regarding the use of automated and other professional test scoring and interpretation services?

Psychologists may use these services but the psychologists are responsible for the appropriate application, interpretation, and use of tests.


Fiedler’s contingency model

States that optimal leadership style depends on relationship, structure, and power


____________ career concept model distinguishes between four career concepts that differ in terms of key motives, direction of career movement, and frequency of career change.

Driver and Brousseau's


When forming a work team to complete an important project, it’s important to keep in mind that social loafing is most likely to have a negative effect on the team’s performance when:

A. The team is large and only the total group performance will be assessed.


Process Consultation

- Behavior change precedes attitude change


Group polarization

IE: when a group agrees on an extreme main point even though they both originally had decreased and disagreeing ideas (or increasingly extreme views) EXTREME main point for this term.


Incentive and Reward Theory implies that what is most important about worker motivation?

Making jobs interesting, attractive, and satisfying


Group heterogeneity vs homogeneity

Group heterogeneity is preferred on conjunctive tasks, but can be detrimental on other types of tasks.


What is a "telling" leadership style?

One in which the employee is low in ability and low in willingness. "Clue: "Well THAT's telling..."


Equity Theory - what can it be used for?

To evaluate employees perceptions regarding pay and benefits received by workers performing similar work duties as the employee


When is "groupthink" most likely to occur?

When the group is high in cohesiveness


What is consultee-centered consultation?

When a consultant helps the individual seeking help


What are the 4 types of mental health consultation?

1. Consultee-centered Working directly with person consulting with to make positive changes
2. Client Centered


What do "job relatedness" and "business necessity have to do with?

Adverse Impact


Adverse Impact

- "job relatedness"
- "business necessity"
- An employment decision or policy that has disproportionate effects of a protected class


What do Theory X (McGregor) managers assume?

Employees have an inherent dislike of work and will avoid it if the can
They must be coerced, controlled, and threatenened
They have little or no ambition and are only in it for security


Herbert Simon (Born in Milwaukee) is best known for what?

- Bounded Rationality (impediment to rational decision making)
- Satisficing
- Artificial Intelligence
- Problem solving
- Decision making


Commonly used criterion measure test in organizational settings

Supervisor ratings


Identical elements is referring to a match between what?

Info and skills in training program and info and skills in actual job


When would a selection test be most helpful according to the Taylor Russel tables ?

When there are many applicants and fewer positions


What is the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance?

Usually high correlation and lower co-effients


"unfairness" in EEOC Uniform Guidelines means what?

When different groups receive similar scores on criterion scores but differing scores on predictor scores


Hollander said that this term describes when a group member is allowed to act outside of normal group behavior (group norms) without receiving disapporoval by other members

Idiosyncratic credits


According to Herzberg's Two Factor Theory, If a dissatisfied blue-collar worker is not happy, what may help them feel more satisfied?

Giving them more responsibility


T & I Career Development model

- 2 Phases: Anticipation and Preoccupation, each with several stages
- During the stages, individuals are finding a balance between integration and differentiation.


Qualities of a Transactional managerial Leader?

- Supervise, organize, assess GROUPS
- Goal-directed behavior
- Contingent Rewards motivate- "Laisse fair" leadership style


Utility Analysis- what is it for

To evaluate the return-on-investment of training program