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Age Discrimination Act

protects those over the age of 40 years of age from discrimination of hiring, compensation, etc.


Americans with Disabilities Act

requires equal consideration for disabled applying for jobs and equal treatment for employees that are disabled.


Americans with Disabilities Act

requires equal consideration for disabled applying for job and equal treatment for employees that are disabled.


Essentials duties

what employees must consider and list in the job description in order to determine whether or not a person is capable of doing his/her job


Reasonable accommodations

Employers must make reasonable accommodations for those qualified applicants with disabilities to perform essential duties of the job


Civil Rights Act

disallows discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, pregnancy, or medical disorders


Fair labor standards act

sets minimum pay, maximum hours, overtime, etc.


National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act)

Ensures employees right to form and/or join a union, prohibits management from discriminating against those wishing to form and/or join a union; prohibits unfair management practices, requires collective bargaining (Obligation for employees and union members to meet and discuss issues with an open mind)


Job analysis

obtaining information about a job by establishing what the duty and tasks are


Job description

list of duties, responsibilities, working conditions of the job, relationships with other positions, tools and equipment needed to perform the job; specific account of job


Job specification

provides minimal requirement for the job, includes skills, credentials, abilities, etc. required to do the job


Policies & Procedures Manual

Guide or reference tool encompassing the entire organization

Polices - are the general guidelines adopted by high level management.

Procedures are specific step by step actions that should be taken to implement a policy


Performance appraisal

Employee review; used to evaluate employee performance; determine need for additional training, review concerns, discuss questions, set goals. Often used for compensation decisions. Employee performance should be measured against written objective standards when possible to help avoid personal bias.


Personnel Records

File should include names, addresses, social security numbers, occupations of employees and recipients. INS form I-9, Employment eligibility verification, Form W-4, income tax withholding, dates of employment, amounts and dates of wages and other compensations, absences with reasons



employee records should be maintained as confidential with access limited to appropriately appointed employees. Access denied to outside, unauthorized groups. Confidentiality should be addressed in an organizations' PP Manual.


Privacy act 1974

applies to fed orgs or those contracting. Allows individuals to inspect their records at anytime and protects against the invasion of privacy through misuse of personal info


Agency shop

non-union employees must pay a fee to have the union represent them


Closed shop

illegal practice in which employees must be a union member prior to employment


Open shop

hired employees are not required to join the union


Collective bargaining

negotiations between management and union reps



3rd party or mediator aids in negotiations; mediator doesn't have power to impose a decision



3rd party or mediator makes legally binding decisions after hearing each party's position


Typical disciplinary procedure

1. verbal warning without notation
2. verbal warning with notation
3. written warning
4. employee suspension
5. employee termination



financial reward given to the employee as payment for work. Wages, benefits for sick time, vacation time, overtime.