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What is the Employment Process?

1. Determining staffing needs
2. Recruiting candidates
3. Screening candidates
4. Interviewing candidates
5. Making hiring decisions
6. Determining compensation levels
7. Offering employment


What are Human Resources?

PEOPLE who work in an organization;
-Training managers in how to deal with human related issues


What is the role of Human Resources Dept?

-Personal matters;
-Setting policy and procedures related to employees


What is Staffing?

-Determine personnel needs of a company;
-determination of the type and number of employees needed


What are Staffing Needs based on?

-What work needs to be done
-What skills are required
-Which employees have those skills
-Which employee are most appropriate for the position


Why does managers make staffing decisions?

-Attrition – people voluntarily leaving a company ;
-Growth – company expansion;
-Reductions in Force – layoffs, centralization


What is a Job?

-The work that is to be done;
-Skill set = the skills needed to perform that job


What are the different levels of workers?



What is a Professional?



What is a Supervisor?



What is a Skilled worker?



What is an Unskilled worker?



The Integrated Staffing System is a continuum of…..

-Manpower planning and forecasting
-And back to manpower planning and forecasting


What is Reduction in Force (RIF)?

As a result of:
1. Downsizing
2. Financial Problems
3. Structure changes


What is a Job Specification?

Requirements for a specific job;
-Possible Requirements:
1. Ability to perform under stress
2. Good telephone manners
3. Interpersonal skills
4. Assertiveness
5. Good judgment related to job activities


What is Included in a written Job Specification?

-Payroll title
-Supervised by
-Job Summary
-Education and/or credentials
-Experience required
-Physical requirements
-Personal requirements
-References required
-Promotion opportunities


What is a Job Description?

-Listing of duties related to job or job classification;
-Overview, NOT Specifics;
-May include: “Performs other duties as assigned/needed” ;
-Hiring, firing, training, performance analysis


What is induced in a job description?

-Job summary
-Performance requirements
-Relation to other jobs
-Qualifications =
1. Experience desirable but not required;
2. Education and training (Technical, Formal, On-the-job)


What is the purpose of a job description and job specification?

-Legal and contractual
-Human resource planning
-Recruitment and selection
-Training and development
-Job evaluation and performance management
-Organization change and job redesign


What are the tasks listed in the job description of a Clinical Dietician?

-Plan, direct, provide, nutritional care
-Skilled nursing patients
-Nutrition assessments
-Supervise DTR


What are the essential job functions of a clinical dietician?

-Develop/implement plan of care
-Correlated w/other members of the Health Care Team
-Evaluate nutritional care
-Provide follow-up continuity of care
-Communicate recommendations thru electronic system
-Assist planning normal & special diet menus
-Compile/develop educational materials
-Provide nutritional orientation/in-service education


What are the education/experience requirements for an RD?

-BS or advanced degree
-Completed approved internship
-Licensed in State of Louisiana
-CPR certification
-Prefer at least 2 years as clinical dietitian
-Counseling/educational experience desirable


What are the skills of an RD?

-Work independently
-Occasionally work nights to teach classes
-Safety equipment
-Food service equipment
-Climbing Steps
-Lifting 10 lb or less


What is a Job Analysis?

-DETAILED description of daily duties
-Very useful in training
-Not required for all positions
-Based on importance of tasks, not on employment position
-Often includes time frames for each activity
-Related to deadlines that must be met


What is an Incumbent?

-the person who currently holds the position
-Valuable resource for manager
-Employee input required for successful management → Changes in job description


Why is flexibility in staffing needed?

Flexibility in Staffing =
-Eligible candidates
-Budgetary considerations
-Accommodating qualified candidates


What is Succession Planning?

-Strategy that ANTICIPATES what jobs will open and prepares others to move into these positions;


What are development of staffing or of an employee?

1. Finding the BASIC TOOLS;
2. Earning TRUST and RESPECT;
3. Matching the “A’s”
4. Gaining CONFIDENCE;


What is Recruitment?

-The process of finding qualified applicants for open positions in an organization
-Occurs once staffing needs have been set
-May be by word of mouth, or by other more formal approaches
-Can be done by the organization itself or through an advertisement or staffing/recruitment agency


What is Advertisement?

A job recruitment method in which the organization has complete control over the content, placement, and time frame