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What are the various management roles of dietetics practitioners?

-Foodservice ;
-Community/Public Health ;
-Other Sectors


What are some expectations of dietitians as managers?

-Educated and unique;
-Management positions;
-Skills to manage successfully;
-Organizational dynamics


Why might a dietician want to be a manager?

-Financial $;
-Control of work ( make schedules)


What is a Registered Dietician?

-RD or RDN;
-“Successfully completed registration requirements established by Commission on Dietetic Registration for Registered Dietitian”;
Requirements =
-Supervised practice;
-Continuing Education;
-COMING…. Require MS for entry-level practice


What is a Dietetic Technician?

“Successfully completed registration requirements established by the Commission on Dietetic Registration for Dietetic Technicians”;
Requirements =
-Supervised Practice;
Continuing Education


What are the components of Management?



What are the CLINICAL Nutrition Management Positions?

-Only dietitian
1. Clinical nutrition manager
2. Chief clinical dietitian
3. Registered dietitian supervisor
4. Patient services director
5. Clinical dietitian


What does the Clinical Nutrition Manager manage?

-Nutrition care of patients/clients;
-Screening, assessment;
-Nutrition support;
-Other interventions
- Clinical dietitians → MNT;
-Diet technicians;
-Diet clerks


What is a Chief Clinical Dietician?

-SOME direct patient care;
-Manages staff;
-Coordinate w/ FOODSERVICE


What is a Patient Services Manager?

-Management position;
-Manages foodservice for patients = Trayline, Floor stock, snacks;
-Coordinates w/ clinical staff = Chief clinical RDN


What is a Clinical Dietician?

-Manages diet technician;
-Project manager (diet manual);
-Develops protocols;
-Staff relief;
Team member
**Patient Care!!


What are the RD management roles in public health?

1. Public health nutritionist;
2.Community nutritionist/dietitian


What is Public Health Nutrition?

-Advanced degree in public health nutrition;
-Populations rather than individuals


What is involved in AGENCY MGT of public health?

EX: Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, Children (WIC);
-Agency Site Manager…
1. Assess, plan, implement, evaluate agency;
2. Multiple sites (WIC x 5);
3. Congregate Meals on Wheels;
4. RDNs who provide direct Pt services


What is Community Nutritionist/Dietitian?

-May not have an advanced degree;
-Typically do not manage entire programs;
-May manage a site;
-Major focus = individual client or group of clients in the community setting;
-Gives DIRECT care to clients;
-Community Site Management
— 1 or 2 individual sites where programs and services are offered = EX: particular WIC site, health unit, EFNEP, Snap-Ed;
— Responsible for operation of the sites, supervision of support staff + provide nutritional services to patients.


What are the different types of foodservice?

1. Commercial;
2. On-site = Self-operated or Contract management


What are the components of COMMERCIAL Foodservice?

-Customers = choices


What are types of commercial foodservice?

1. Restaurants = Fine Dining, Fast-casual, Quick-service;
2. Convenience Stores;
3. Supermarkets;
4. Food Courts;
5. Mobile Food Vendors


What are some job opportunities in Commercial Foodservice in restaurants/ grocery for RD’s?

-New industry concerns...
-Trans Fats?;
-Food Safety
→ RDS Provide…
— Menu development;
— Nutrient analysis;
— Education


What are the components of ONSITE Foodservice?

-Feed those who work, reside, attend;
-May have LIMITED choices;
-May be subsidized;
-Not profit…but this is changing rapidly;
-Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, prisons, military, business campus, senior citizens, day cares


What are the types of ONSITE Foodservice?

1. Self-Operated;
2. Contract Management


What are some job opportunities in ONSITE Foodservice in large operations for RD’s?

1. Upward Mobility
2. Multiple departments
3. Administrative positions
— Nutrition
— Housekeeping
— Linen
— Lab
— Maintenance


What are the new trends of ONSITE Foodservice?

-Moved closer to commercial;
-Smaller “captive” customer base;
-Increasingly, profit motive;
-Commercial FS move in and compete


What is Self-Operated foodservice (ONSITE)?

-The organization that receives the service owns and operates the foodservice;
-RDN title may be “Director of Nutrition Services”;
-RDN manager + all employees work for the facility itself;
-One-of-a kind operation


Self-Operated Advantages

-Responsive to needs;
-Ability to be creative


Self-Operated Disadvantages

-High food costs;
-Develop menus, recipes, etc. from scratch


What is a Contract Management Company (ONSITE)?

-Organizations that provide foodservice to other organizations or institutions;
-Employ many dietitians;
-Clinical RDNs, Management RDNs;
-Contract company offers whatever services are needed;
-Differs at every facility; contracts vary


What is UNDER Contract Management (ONSITE)?

-Onsite FS is operated by a FS management company;
-EX: Sodexo, Aramark, Chartwells, or Compass Group;
-Company is hired by the business or institution for this purpose;
-Contractor may employ only management team OR all employees


Contract Management Advantages

-Resources: menus, recipes, etc.;
-Lower food costs (greater purchasing power);
-Standardized services to multiple sites


Contract Management Disadvantages

-Managers = 22 reporting relationships;
-LOTS of paperwork;
-Standardized foodservice NOT very unique