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What four criteria must a supervisor ensure for a substance test to be effective?

Reasonable suspicion is supported by proper documentation;
The sample is properly collected;
(The chain of custody is maintained; and
The employee's rights are not violated.


When a supervisor decides to collect a urine sample for substance abuse testing, at least how many millimeters of urine must be collected and split into how many containers?

60 millimeters and 2 containers


If a positive substance abuse result is obtained, the Medical Review Officer (MRO) will attempt to contact the affected employee directly for information (such as legal prescriptions) to determine if there is a legitimate medical explanation for the positive test. How many days must pass where the MRO is unable to reach the employee directly for the test to be considered “positive by non-contact.” ?

*Does not say working or calendar days


A Critical Incident Stress Debrief should be scheduled within how many hours post event or as soon as possible thereafter?

24-72 hours


When the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), Compliance Office, issues a complaint letter alleging an unsafe condition in the command, the command is required to investigate the alleged condition and respond to the DOSH, Compliance Office, in writing within how many days?

14 calendar days


What CHP form shall be provided to each employee involved in a California Highway Patrol (CHP) vehicle accident?

A CHP 600, Right to Privacy Instructions Relative to Occupational Injuries/Illness and Vehicle Accident Reports, instructs employees who have been involved in vehicle accidents about disposition of accident records, and of rights to privacy and access to such records


A STD. 261 (Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business) shall be kept on file in the employee’s field folder and updated during the annual performance appraisal process. The completed STD. 261 shall be retained in the employee’s field folder for how many years after the date of the most recent renewal?

3 years


The supervisor who made the initial determination of reasonable suspicion in regards to violation of the substance abuse program must prepare a Reasonable Suspicion Report using what CHP document?

CHP 202X, Workplace Substance Abuse Investigation/Voluntary Testing Report


For the purposes of substance testing, the ______________ is the designated manager in the chain of command prior to substance testing. (HPM 9.2/1-3)

Confirming Official


To be considered in violation of CCR Section 599.960 what is considered a positive sample (alcohol)? (HPM 9.2 / 6-5)

A positive test will result from a blood alcohol level of .04 percent for substance testing versus the.08 percent for driving under the influence. Supervisors must remember, however, that any detected level of alcohol is prohibited by the statement of Inconsistent and Incompatible Activities. (Refer to HPM 10.3, Personnel Transactions Manual, Chapter 14, Inconsistent and Incompatible Activities.)


The CHP 202X, in a substance testing situation, must be signed by the supervisor, reviewed by the confirming official, and a copy provided to the involved employee within _____ hours. (HPM 9.2 / 11-3)

48 hours


Before any sample is obtained for substance testing, the supervisor’s foundation for reasonable suspicion must be approved by ____ __________ _________. (HPM 9.2 / 1-3)

Confirming Official


The Fourth Amendment relates to:

Search and Seizure


The Fourteenth Amendment relates to:

Due Process


When confronted by an employee demonstrating substandard job performance and/or conduct, a commander or supervisor may consult with EAP to discuss the appropriateness of a Management/Supervisor Referral Letter.



Occupational Safety. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that reported unsafe or unhealthy conditions are documented on the CHP 113B, Hazard Report/Inspection form.
Blank CHP 113B forms should be made available on the occupational safety board for ease of employee access and awareness. Hazard reporting procedures and the use of the CHP 113B should be discussed during Area training days and/or annual performance appraisal review of the IIPP.



Fitness injuries/illnesses are defined as any injury or illness which occurs or is manifested during WHAT?

Physical fitness training at the Academy


In accordance with GISO 3204, employees, their physicians, and/or collective bargaining unit reps have the right to receive and copy: (HPM 10.6, 7-3)
The employee’s medical records and records of exposure to toxic substances or harmful physical agents.
Records of exposure to hazardous substances or harmful physical agents of other employees with work conditions similar to the employee’s.



Following a long pursuit which involved the violator losing his life after he failed to negotiate a turn and struck a tree, the primary officer voluntarily offers a blood sample to show compliance with policy that he was not under the influence of drugs. As a supervisor you must remember what?

Must allow the employee to submit to a chemical test
An employee may voluntarily submit to a chemical test at any time


If a supervisor suspects an officer may be using or is under the influence of drugs a good resource to use as a checklist can be found in:

HPM 9.2 Chapter 7 Annex A *


True or false the findings of an Administrative Action involving violation of drug/alcohol abuse polity can be used to support the findings of a criminal investigation.

FALSE* - 9.2 6-4 3(d), however findings of a criminal investigation can be used to support an administrative action.


An employee undergoes chemical testing as a result of a reasonable suspicion investigation. All policies are followed and the tests return negative. The CHP 202X shall be:

Kept for two years
Forwarded to the Office of internal affairs


Information obtained during a Peer Support Program counseling session are held in confidence name two instances when the confidentiality can be broken:

Misconduct or criminal behavior, Subpoena for civil or criminal investigation


Under which circumstances may an EAP counselor break confidentiality

Confession of a crime
Abuse of spouse, child or elder
Desire to harm one’s self


Supervisors are responsible for documenting unsafe, hazardous or otherwise dangerous working conditions this form is designated asL

CHP 113B


Injuries, collisions and other disabling or debilitating accidents are accumulated and documented quarterly on a:

CHP 113


As a supervisor you are assigned to oversee the Department Ergonomic program, this program is administered through:

Occupational Safety Unit


True or False: Non-sensitive employees are required to provide a test if suspected of being under the influence?

 False (only voluntary)


True or False: When suspecting substance abuse, POBR does not apply?

 False. Only questions surrounding the employees need for medical attention should be asked.


What test shall be used if the employee is suspected of just being under the influence of alcohol? (P.7-3)

 Breath test