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In promotional examinations for CHP uniformed classifications, each competitor will be allowed additional credit of _____ a point for each full year served in the next lower rank than that for which the examination is given

One-quarter point


A CHP ____, Applicant Flow Data Chart (refer to Annex D), shall be completed to note ethnicity and gender, as well as any disability among the applicant group considered for appointment.



An employee who has ___ or more working days of service in a monthly pay period shall be considered as having a complete pay period of service, or continuous service.



Automatic resignation is the separation of an employee who is AWOL for _____ or more consecutive working days, whether the absence is voluntary or involuntary.

five days


A driver operating his/her vehicle in any manner which would raise a doubt as to his/her sobriety, or other abnormal conditions, Should or Shall be stopped in order to determine the cause for the irregular driving.



Officers who elect to utilize the CHP 202S should or shall tape the original to an 8 ½ x 11 inch sheet of paper and attach it to the arrest report



The Department utilizes the three test battery, commonly referred to as standardized field sobriety tests or SFSTs, and the preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) device to assist an officer in identifying the impaired driver. Which three tests are included in the SFSts?

(a) Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus.
(b) Walk and Turn.
(c) One-Leg-Stand


Based on scientific research, which SFST is considered to be the most sensitive psychophysical test?



Which color spray paints have the highest concentration of chemical Toluene?

Gold and Silver


An Incident Report of a censurable nature is completed for Officer Takarachi’s slovenly uniform. Officer Takarachi reviews and signs the CHP 2 under protest that it is not his uniform that is slovenly but his person and he wishes to make a written response. How long does Officer Takarachi have to write a response for inclusion with the CHP 2?

30 Days


What is the maximum travel distance from residence to work location when using a state vehicle for Commanders and noncommand employees?

a. Commanders – shall not exceed 70 miles
b. Non-command employees – shall not exceed 50 miles


An employee in not entitled to a discretionary leave as a matter of right. What are the four types of discretionary leaves?

a. Regular leave of absence
b. Adoption leave
c. Temporary leave of absence
d. Informal leave


When an employee meets the eligibility criteria as specified by the Government Code, CA Dept of Human Resources Rules, bargaining unit agreement, or federal or state law, the employee is entitled to nondiscretionary leave as a matter of right. What are the seven nondiscretionary leaves?

a. Pregnancy/Parental Leave
b. Veteran’s Educational Leave
c. Military Leave
d. Spousal Military Leave
e. FMLA/CFRA Leave
f. Nonindustrial Disability Insurance (NDI) Leave
g. State Disability Insurance (SDI) Leave


If an employee is AWOL for five or more consecutive working days, whether it is voluntary or involuntary, it is considered __________?

An automatic resignation


Upon receiving a CHP 318, Notice of Intent to Engage in Secondary Employment, a supervisor shall do what?

a. Make an inquiry into the proposed activity to determine if the activities will be inconsistent or incompatible with state employment
b. Ensure the duties listed are descriptive of all duties to be performed, and the duties will not interfere with the employee’s ability to perform assigned state duties
c. Discuss the provisions of the secondary employment request with the employee to ensure the request is understood and that special considerations in scheduling will not be granted
d. Certify that the proposed employment has been discussed with the employee, and indicate on the form whether the proposed employment is considered compatible or incompatible


What happens to secondary employment requests when an employee is on sick leave, injury, or limited duty status?

May be suspended, Commanders may require written assurance from an appropriate medical authority stating the secondary employment activity will not aggravate the injury nor prolong the employee’s recovery


For the purpose of assigning voluntary overtime details, uniformed employees shall not be considered available if the assignment would result in the employee working more than ____ hours in any 24-hour period?

16.5 hours
b. Exceptions may be made for exigent or emergency situations by the employee’s supervisor


Gary is an everyday heroin user and addict. Gary is very concerned with the environment and would feel terrible if one of his customers were to poke themselves with one of his hypodermic needles as he provided them rides during his second job as an Uber driver. Gary is pulled over by Roseville PD and notifies the officer he has just shot up heroin. The officer notices the red sharp container for needles on the floor board of Gary’s car where he placed his used needle inside. Can Gary be charged with unlawful paraphernalia for his used needle in the red container?

No. Health and Safety Code Section 11364 shall not apply to hypodermic needles or syringes that have been containerized for safe disposal in a container that meets state and federal standards for disposal of sharp waste.


Officer Dumbledork arrests a driver for driving under the influence of methamphetamine. The driver brags that he has been arrested for driving under the influence five times for five different drugs. The officer runs a driver’s license check which indicates the driver has been convicted of DUI four other times in the last eight years. Officer Dumbledork books the driver into jail under the misdemeanor DUI. The driver is released from jail hours later after sobering up and being processed for the misdemeanor. What step did Officer Dumbledork miss in the booking process?

Officers shall run a driver license status check via CLETS on all DUI offenders before booking. If the inquiry indicates three or more prior DUI convictions (or DUI reduced to reckless driving) within ten years of the current arrest, officers shall arrest and book the subject for Section 23152 CVC as a felony (pursuant to Section 23550 CVC) based upon probable cause that a felony has been committed.


Mike is a 16 year old drunk who habitually steals his dad’s Pabst Blue Ribbon and drives to the park to drink and reflect on his long life. Mike is a loser and has no future. After drinking all day, Mike is pulled over and arrested for DUI. Mike chooses a breath test and is transported to the office. While at the office, Mike is allowed to make a phone call to his mom. His mom tells him she wishes she had given him up for adoption and to not take the breath test. Mike tells the officer he will not take the breath test. The officer asks Mike if he will take a blood test and Mike agrees. Does the officer have to obtain the parent’s approval before Mike submits to the blood test?

Juveniles fall within the provisions of Section 23612 CVC and may legally consent to the drawing of blood in compliance with the Implied Consent law without parental permission.


A former uniformed employee now working for an allied agency applies for reinstatement 48 months after separation from the Department. Are they eligible to return to service with the Department?

A former uniformed employee must apply for reinstatement to a uniformed position within three years of separation


An officer with badge #21509 has been on the job for three and a half years. The officer immediately transfers to the Office of Accreditation after probation and starts to study to become a sergeant. Is the officer eligible to test for a sergeant?

No. A minimum of 36 months of qualifying pay periods performing the duties of an Officer, CHP, with 24 qualifying pay periods performing enforcement-related duties a majority of the time.


A 17 year veteran employee complains that he has been passed up for selection to the Area’s SRT team. The veteran employee states he can do the job just as well as the 24 year olds management has selected to be on the team. The veteran employee says he is just as spry as he was when he broke in at 21 years old. Can the veteran employee file for age discrimination due to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act?

No. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act protects by law against employment discrimination regarding age when the employee is age 40 or above.


A four year uniformed employee informs their sergeant they have just been called to complete a six month service duty with the Army. The employee is worried about finances during their deployment. Is the employee eligible for any pay by the Department during their deployment?

Yes. An employee who has had 12 qualifying pay periods of state service without a break in service immediately prior to the active duty date or has a combination of pay periods of such state service and calendar time spent in the military service which equals one year, is entitled to pay for the first 30 calendar days (172 hours) of short-term military leave of absence.


How long shall a reinstated employee be required to serve in their initial field assignment?

One year


Examinations are arranged by ______________ with assistance of Field Division recruiters.

Selection Standards and Examinations Section


You must have _______ to take a Sergeant promotional exam.

36 qualifying months, with 24 qualifying months enforcement related assignments


Appointments and assignments to fill a new vacant, or new uniformed positions are determined by ______________.



Related employees will not be assigned to the same command when either is the _______.



Temporary assignments or loans of employees between departments may be made for a period not to exceed ________.

Four years