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How many keys to the property/evidence room shall be issued?

shall be limited to the number of evidence officers assigned to the command plus the commander’s emergency access key


Workers’ compensation benefits include prompt and proper medical care, disability leave, and other compensation benefits administered through ...?

The State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF)


TRUE OR FALSE. Closing Out a Case regarding DUI cost recovery cases that do not result in a conviction within 12 months after submission to the District Attorney may be closed out after court verification of case status.



True or False. The Fresh Pursuit Acts of all the states which border California convey peace officer status to officers who enter the state in fresh pursuit of both felony and misdemeanor crimes.

False (HPM 100.67 PG 5-3) Fresh Pursuit Acts conveys peace officer status to officers who enter the state in fresh pursuit of a known or suspected felon


What is The Key Contact Program?

The Key Contact Program is a networking system designed to help CHP representatives cultivate relationships with elected officials at the local level, and is intended to augment the state-level activities of the Office of Special Representative. (HPM 22.1 15-3)


True or False. National Parks-Mutual Aid. In most cases, national parks are exclusive jurisdiction enclaves. Local or state law enforcement personnel are prohibited from assisting in mutual aid situations because of a complete lack of authority.



Who is considered a foreign national?

A foreign national is anyone who is not a citizen of the United States (U.S.). A person with dual-citizenship, U.S. and foreign, is not a foreign national.
HPM 100.67 CHPT 8 page 1


A person shall not be subjected to in-custody arrest when?

(1) Diplomatic or consular immunity is claimed by the individual or suspected by the officer, and
(2) The officer has verified or reasonably suspects that the claim of immunity is valid.
HPM 100.67 CHPT 8 page 1


Persons involved in traffic collisions who possess a DOS, OFM Diplomatic Driver License, issued by the DMVO, shall have what letter coded in the license "class" box of the CHP 555, Traffic Collision Report?



A photocopy of each CHP 215, CHP 216, or CHP 202 involving an identified diplomat and/or immunity claimant shall be sent via FAX within 48 hours to whom? whether or not the claim is verified.

Assistant Commissioner, Field (ACF)


What is the retention period for completed inspection documentation?

Documents shall be maintained in a chronological file for the previous four years, plus current. Same for each inspection


What are the possible reimbursable services which could be inspected at the command level?

Motion pictures, agricultural, newly incorporated cities, extraordinary services, training, cozeep/mazeep, dignitary protection, SSP


What are the topical areas of inspection for a command fleet management inspection?

Allocation, individual vehicles, home storage, fuel stations, automotive parts and supplies


What are the four possible command generated publications which could be inspected under procedures and local orders?

SOP, Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, Emergency Action Plan, MOUs


What is the purpose of the command inspection program?

a. Identifies deficiencies and provides accountability for corrective action
b. Identifies training needs and serves as a catalyst to initiate training when required.
c. Obtains feedback on improving policies and procedures which will be evaluated for possible modification of current policy and statewide application
d. Identifies innovative ideas developed by a command


What are the four levels of mutual aid?

City, County, Regional, State


Which States have we entered into interstate mutual assistance agreements?

Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona


According to the interstate mutual aid assistance agreement, CHP officers entering a bordering state when immediate law enforcement action is required, are extended peace officer powers as long as they are within _____________ from the California border?

50 statute miles


On exclusive or partial jurisdiction federal lands, in order for mutual aid requests to be met, affected officers must be_______________ prior to responding?

Deputized as US Marshalls


Who is the authority over the transportation of tribal gaming equipment?

DOJ Gaming Control


What are the different levels of diplomatic immunity?

Diplomatic agents, consular officers, consular employees, honorary consuls


What is the threshold for notifying an embassy after the arrest or detention of a foreign national?

In custody arrest or detention exceeding two hours


Where must a copy of the enforcement document (216, 215, 202) be sent via fax within 48 hours of the incident involving an identified diplomat and/or immunity claimant?

AC Field


What authority gives the Department primary jurisdiction on state highways constructed as freeways

2400(d) VC


Where are the two Defense Courier Service stations located in California? (Chapter 7-10)

Travis AFB, Fairfield; North Island Naval Air Station Coronado, San Diego


Any law enforcement officer who is regularly employed by the CHP or the affected state’s highway patrol, department of public safety, or state police is a peace officer in the other state whenever either of what two conditions are met?

a. In response to a request of services initiated by either state
b. Upon the recognition by any such officer of a situation or circumstance within the jurisdiction or territory of the bordering state which requires immediate law enforcement action or other emergency action


Are the Fresh Pursuit Acts applicable to misdemeanor pursuits crossing state lines?

No they are not applicable, however; the Interstate Mutual Assistance Agreements permit officers to act within 50 statute miles of the state border


Can departmental personnel enforce CVC infractions or misdemeanor driver’s license law on tribal members on their own reservation?

No – shall not


Is a person with dual-citizenship (US and foreign) considered a foreign national?

No, a person with dual-citizenship is not a foreign national


If a violator claims diplomatic or consular immunity, can a CHP 215 be issued?

Yes – an enforcement document shall be issued at the scene for all violations warranting such action; regardless of violator’s immunity