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Effective July 1, 2012, State Personnel Board merged with the Department of Personnel Administration creating the ___ ___ ___ ___ ____

California Department of Human Resources (CalHR)


Examination bulletins are made available on the CHP ____ ____ or on the CalHR web site, a ______ message is sent to "All Commanders" announcing the release of each promotional exam bulletin

internal website, Comm-Net


To compete in an exam, a candidate must complete and file an application as instructed in the ___ ___. For Cadet, CHP the application shall be filed ____ from the ___ ____. A _____ shall be used to file for any exam with a promotional exam

exam bulletin, electronically, CHP website, STD 678


Public safety dispatchers can only establish list eligibility for one ___ ____ and cannot test if they have taken the test within 30 days. CHP Cadet applicants can only have ____ active app in the process at a time.

comm center, one


All aspects of the exam are confidential. Exam security is the responsibility of all persons. All who become aware of a breach of the exam security ____ ____ the incident as soon as possible to their immediate supervisor

shall report


A CHP 127 Request for position action may be submitted via e-mail up to, but not exceeding ____ days in advance of an anticipated position vacancy.



Approval to refill established, vacant, non-uniform positions is ____. To refill or overlap prior to incumbents exhaustion of incumbent leave credits may be granted by appropriate ___ _____.

required, assistant commissioner


The following actions:
1.refilling an established position in nonrep or rep classification delegated to divisions
2. refilling an established position where duties have changed
3. changing the duties of a an existing position
4. requesting a temp blanket funded position
5. establishing a new budgeted position
6. reclassifying an existing position
7. transferring an established position
8. requests to hire a retired annuitant
9. request to hire a student/youth aid

require ____ ___ ___ review and approval

Classification and Hiring


Hiring supervisors _____ ensure that applicants are aware that signing the CHP 101 is a condition of employment.



The Americans with ____ Act protects citizens who are, or have been, addicted to drugs or alcohol provided s/he is undergoing, or has undergone, some sort of rehabilitative treatment and whose addiction restricts him/her from performing a major life activity.



Department policy prohibits questions regarding ____ affiliation during the pre-employment interview.



Labor code 432.7 ____ asking an applicant to disclose info concerning an arrest which did not result in conviction, this code ___ ___ apply to persons seeking employment as ___ ___ or other positions with access to criminal offender record information.

prohibits, does not, peace officer


California Fair Practices Act prohibits an inquiry which is not job related which directly or indirectly limits a person's employment opportunities because of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, med condition, disability, marital status, sex, or exercise of family care leave or leave for an ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.

employee's own serious health condition


Department policy ____ pre-employment inquiries regarding disabilities.



Fair employment and housing commission guidelines ____ persons who actually hire to make a recommendation to hire from having an applicant's ____ ____ available at the time of the an employment interview.

prohibits, ethnic identification


Medical exams and health questionnaires shall not be _____ from applicants prior to a ___ ___ of employment.

obtained, conditional offer


Nonsensitive classifications ____ have a STD 610 filled out by licensed physician of their choice, sensitive classifications ____ have a STD 610 filled out by ____.

shall, shall, licensed physician from the Department's approved list of physicians and clinics


It is departmental policy to ____ all prospective employees, this ensures that all new non-uniformed members have the proper DOJ and FBI background checks, when conditional offer of employment is made, ___ ___ cards shall be obtained.

fingerprint, two fingerprint


T/F: A person considered for appointment to a non-uniform position is not required to be either a US citizen or a CA resident, but the US Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 mandates that every employer shall implement an employment verification system in order to control unauthorized immigration.



Retired Annuitants are permitted to work up to ___ hours in any calendar year without reinstating from retirement.



The Department seeks to ____ situations where a supervisory or command relationship exists between related employees assigned to same command. No employee should use ___ ____ of influence to aid or hinder other employees because of personal relationship.

avoid, person power


___ relationships are not permitted at communications centers and area dispatch centers



Employees who become related after assignment to the same command location and in a subordinate/supervisory relationship ___ ___ their _____. Approval of the commander, with the concurrence of the next level of review is req for continuance of assignments

shall notify, commander


Normally, all departmental employees, including ___ ___ __ , may be allowed to work together as partners. Commanders shall reserve the right to ____ ___ ___

immediate family members, preclude working together


Related employees will not be ______ to the same command when either is the ______.

assigned, commander


A former uniformed employee must apply for reinstatement within ___ years of separation.



All requests for reinstatement from former uniformed employees ___ be submitted in writing to the _____. the permissive reinstatement ___ be approved at the rank of ____ regardless of rank when resigned or retired. ___ has discretion to grant or deny any request.

shall, commissioner, shall, officer, commissioner


A prerequisite for reinstatement shall be the successful completion of ____, a background investigation, medical examinations and a _____ ____. All reinstated employees shall be required to serve a __ ___ term in the initial field assignment along with a __ __ __ period.

physical performance test, psychological evaluation, one year, one year probationary


Requests for reinstatement of non-uniformed employees may submitted personally or by letter to the hiring ____. The commander __ contact HRS, selection standards and examinations unit and a approved ____ ____ is required.

command, shall, health questionaire


The ____ may administratively determine the geographical area of residence of any member of the Department in order to assure the _____ of such member for emergency service.

commissioner, availability