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Women's Role

1. Women took over jobs and did well.
2. Countries changed opinions on roles of women.
3. Given right to vote.


Extremism in Russia

1. Joseph Stalin brought industry and order to USSR with modernization.
2. Mass genocide of people who disagreed with his policies or threatened his power.


Extremism in Germany

1. Hyperinflation destroyed Germany's economy after the war.
2. Many Germans disliked Treaty of Versailles so they rebuilt national pride by joining extreme right wing political movements. This led to Nazis and rise of Hitler.


Lack of Stability

1. Economic depression after war: food shortage due to destroyed farmland, animals and equipment
2. Boundary changes led to ethnic group tension


New Type of Warfare

1. People who had "shell-shock" were viewed as cowards; some countries killed them
2. After 1000s of people reported with this syndrome, then countries started helping them
3. Tanks, flame throwers, mustard gas