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Where do waterfalls occur?

Where hard rock overlays soft rock in the upper course


How does a waterfall retreat over time?

1.Softrock is undercut by erosion (hydraulic action/abrasion) A deep plunge pool develops where soft rick used to be.
2.The overhanging hard rock collapses and the waterfall retreats upstream to create a gorge


What landform is left as a waterfall retreats upstream and why?

A steep sided cutting is left as the waterfall moves back. This is called a gorge


Where does a river flow faster and slower?

The river flows faster on the outside bend and slower on the inner bend.


What occurs on the inner and outer bend of a river?

Sediment is deposited on the inner bend creating a slip off slope. Because water flows faster on the outer bend it is eroded and a river cliff begins to form.


How does a meander form?

The outer bend is eroded because of the faster flow of water and creates a bend and the inner bend creates a slip off slope because sediment is deposited there.


How is an oxbow lake formed?

A meander will become so sharp that water will erode a faster path straight along instead of round the corner. It will break through and water will begin to flow straight. Sediment will be deposited to create an oxbow lake.