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What is a mantle plume?

A mantle plume is upwelling magma heated by the hot spot in the Earth's mantle


What is an island chain?

A succession of volcanoes formed by the plate moving over a hot spot like a conveyor belt


What is a sea mount?

When older volcanoes in an island chain are no longer active and are worn down by marine erosion, becoming low enough to be beneath the surface


What is a supervolcano?

When a pool of magma is trapped beneath continental crust and builds up pressure until it erupts in a huge explosion


What is a caldera?

A caldera is when the land above the pool if magma can no longer be supported and so collapses forming a huge depression


What is a hot spot?

A hot spot is a small area in the Earth's crust where an unusually high amount of radioactivity leads to volcanic activity