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In what year did homosexual sex have the same age of consent as heterosexual sex which meant they wee treated the same under the law



What could gay couples do from 2004 onward which gave them the same rights as married couples

Have a civil partnership


What did it become illegal to do in 2007

Discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation


What are gay couples allowed to do since 2014

Be married, but places of worship can opt out if they wish


What percentage of the UK population would describe themselves as homosexual



What is the Roman Catholic view of homosexuality

- homosexual inclination is not a sin but homosexual acts are sinful
- "they are contrary to natural law since they close the sexual act to the gift of life"
- they are condemned in the bible in five places
- homosexual persons are called to chastity and the church should support them in this
- the CCC opposes homophobic opinions


What is the Evangelical Protestant view of homosexuality

- being homosexuality is a sin because it says so in the bible
- "you shall not lie with a make as with a woman" Leviticus 18:22
- being homosexual is a sinful choice and no Christian should be homosexual
- often publicly protest gay rights laws and even argue homosexuality can be cured or healed


What is the Liberal Protestant view of homosexuality

- life long monogamous homosexual relations are morally acceptable
- some churches perform gay marriages e.g Quakers
- Church of England priests can be homosexual but are expected to remain celibate
- bible passages that condemn homosexuality are outdated and reflect old Jewish culture rather than the will of God
- Jesus never spoke about homosexuality


When was homosexuality legalised in adults over 21